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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (Madness patch)
Crafting Cost: 22100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the list I have been playing and tuning for months and I think that this is a good primer for a deck that has been forgotten.

This is support mage. A lot of you probably remember this deck, but it has fallen off the radar about a year ago. It is pretty much the only deck I play in ranked and with great success.

This list is much less greedy than other control lists you see running around with the majority of cards being 6-cost cards and over. This is a down to the ground, and very responsive deck with an almost unbeatable late game if you played your cards right.

Your worst matchup is aggro warrior with Withered Hand Cultist and high health creatures that are hard to remove (Bleackcoast Troll, Wind Keep Spellsword, Siege Catapult) and some support-based combo lists like Swindler's Market, but it's a very rare deck.

You are good against pretty much everything else if you know what to beat and what to play around against every deck. For example, bait out their support removal with your worst supports in the matchup to banish them.

The best card in the deck is Cast Into Time and should only be used against their very best cards against you and not just as typical removal. Having patience and knowing exactly what and when to remove cards is what will decide if you win or lose most of the time.

Proper use of when firing your support enhancers (Tower Alchemist and Cauldron Keeper) is very important as well and should only be used when you have an extra copy or when you're pretty sure your opponent can't deal with it because people will lose games to an unanswered Tower Alchemist with a big support out.

I decided to cut Vivec because he did not solve any problem for me. If you were to die and Vivec is your only chance of survival, you are probably going to lose anyway. The mechanical Heart does a better job at this by being harder to remove and being brought back with Excavate (pretty much the only reason Excavate is in the deck).

Give support mage a chance because it is an insanely rewarding deck to play and creates really interesting games.

if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to give them to me in the comment section.


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Nice to see a fresh version of support mage! I witnessed the deck in numerous videos by Justin Larson from pre-pants era. Wanted to try it for a long time. A pity it won't happen any time soon :( The new expansion is coming, so spending shards would be unwise, and I need over 6000 of them to craft the key cards and another 3600 to complete the exact list.

Anyway, good luck out there!
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Yeah I would not suggest crafting this deck if you do not have most of the main cards. It is a very fun deck, but very expensive and can be a while before you become really efficient with it.

Good luck to you too and I hope to see you on the battlefield
Calsium 5 months ago
Nice deck bro. It's like nobody expects to face a support mage in 2019 right :)
What is the purpose of the night mother?
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Bait for support removal or a slow win condition if not answered. It is one of the cards tthat comes in and out of my deck.
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