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By: Billybob
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 7050crystal
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This is my modified token deck that I made after trying out the token mage deck from the TESL blog here:

I found that whilst the original deck did the job, it often relied heavily on getting exactly the right cards at excatly the right time, without much versatility.

The major differences in my deck include reducing most cards to only having two copies in the deck instead of three. Getting 3 draws of the same thing can be infuriating and does not let the engine of a token deck work as well.

Deck Discussion and tactics:

I have ensured there is a lot of draw potential from the deck, without sacrificing the tempo of a token deck.

Tempo really is the important part of this deck for me, and so having something like Thieves guild shadowfoot to deny enemy prophecy when charging up my morthal executioner is vital. Stealing an enemy card ontop of this is a huge bonus. Getting an enemy to one health over a runebreak and then them popping a prophecy on their turn is often a bonus to you too, as it stops whatever creature they summon attacking you, even if it is a free card on their turn.
I'd also say make a rush to pop their first rune, so that your Eastmarch Crusaders will help you as they should. Nothing worse than having them clog up your hand if they're not going to draw you cards. They're too weak and too important to field them without their effect working, only to have nearly any enemy creature or actions destroy them.
Over a fifth of this deck is prophecy, which again helps the tempo and provides that defence against aggro decks. The actions in the decks work well with nearly any hand.

With my deck, I have also tried to provide as much survivability as I can for my creatures, without the need for big one card stops such as the Hive Defender.
Firstly Bruma profiteer will keep your health topped up just by you fielding your army. There are enough ways to summon lots of creatures in one turn through the draw potential, and getting around five health in a turn through Bruma Profiteer (without throwing cards down just to get health) is normal. Not to mention the golden initiate being a generally strong card, especially when you consider it's also a prophecy.
Health isn't the only way you keep alive though.
Versatile tactics like summoning Makeshift Defenses buffed by resolute allies and divine fervors can be an unexpected thorn to the opponent, a good defense to you, and a cheap (free!) way to put a card down into another lane when you want to summon your pit lion. Even giving these 0-cost cards a Gavel of the Ordinator on the turn after you sommon them is encouraged if it rids of an enemy card, cause now you have a useful 2/2 card for the following turns too!
In addition to this, consider Gavel to be your strongest clear in most cases. Cloudrest is nice (especially when combod with Grisly Gourmet), but having one of your creatures punch unexpectadly hard with Gavel, whilst receiving no damage, is amazing!
Finally, of course the classic wards, shackles, and turning your enemies into sweet rolls before eating them for HP are also present in this deck.

Tip: My favourite starting hand is Fifth Legion trainer, Gavel, and near enough any other card with a bit of control or spread (like gourmet or marked man) Fielding your army out quickly and early is priority, and then it''s just about keeping them alive long enough to smash face before your lightning bolts or empowered morthal executioner finishes them. And be sure to take control of that field lane if you can. It's important that YOU decide what lives and dies, not your opponent.

Issues and Concerns:
Currently my only major concern currently is Mage's Trick. The card provides a nice way to keep the yellow card count of the deck high (for resolute ally's sake). Also it gives the weaker creatures that tiny bit of extra damage that token decks sometimes sturggle to find without sacrificing another creature against larger opponents, or those with wards. However at the cost of 3 magicka to use I always find it costly.

I'd also say that purple green control decks can and will be impossible to beat unless you get a near perfect hand early on (trainer, gavel and wardcrafter/gormet/marked man/scouting patrol/priest) - so don't feel disheartened if you lost afterplaying well against these decks. Just concede and move on if it seems hopeless.

I have been able to climb to legend with this deck, and the highest I got was to #190. I have only been playing a few months and so having something that was relatively cost effective to play, yet still effective, has been very enjoyable.

If you like an aggressive playstyle with some versatility then this is the deck for you!

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Hey billybob. Ur a top 300 player and a good friend. +1
Thanks. Campbell put this in our feed and I picked it up immediately. Testing now.
GG dude. This deck had me on my toes the whole game. I have not played a token strat since morrowind came out. I'll be putting this together for sure.
GlamTroll 5 months ago
Awesome deck that took me to Legend this month!
Horrible deck to play with. Lost 4 out of 5 games in r5. You get stuck with an empty hand at round 6 each time.
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