Mana Curve

0 6 9 12 6 3 4 10

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Lethal 11
Prophecy 11
Guard 7
Drain 6
Slay 4
Last Gasp 3
Breakthrough 2
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Wane 0
Wax 0
Regenerate 0
Pilfer 0
Charge 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0
Rally 0


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Lethal-Gambit Archer

By: Blitzkriеg
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 12700crystal
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Hello there!

This my variation of lethal archer based on moving between lines.

Here is a deck!

The main goal of this deck is to take an advantage over the battlefield and defeat your opponent in 1-2 turns.
Deck has 72% winrate.

In order to do that:

[*] Use our lethal creatures (Fighters Guild Recruit,Sanctuary Pet etc) and combine it with moving actions (Shadow Shift,Archer's Gambit).
[*] Control board with massive creatures (Clockwork Scorpion, Vigilant Giant) and removals (Leaflurker+Rapid Shot, Allena Benoch).
[*] Get additional value from other cards (Eclipse Baroness, Thieves Guild Recruit).


+Vigilant Giant - Savage Ogre

+Quicksilver Crossbow -Grappling Hook

+Dushnikh Yal Archer -Blacksap Protector

+Tazkad the Packmaster -Journey to Sovngarde(can be replaced by any worthy legendary card)

Hope you will enjoy this deck!

Thank you for your vote and comment.

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