*RedOrcan Conscript v0

By: Erken
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 4 weeks ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 14700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This deck comes from the meeting of the classic Orc Warrior that I always struggle facing and the recend Redoran Conscription that I encountered a couple of times.

Orcs behing naturraly strong, I thought giving them the existing supports , including the new Training Grounds one to make them even better might be nuts, depending on how you draw.

I built this one having this idea in mind and have been quite successful yet with it (tested it between ranks 4 and 3 only though)

I'm sure there's some improvement to make. The Edict of Azura is the only really removal which looks a bit out of place but that helped me a lot!
The redoran Forerunner is here to make the Redoran deck and I don't think it should be replaced but let me know what you think.

I only have 2 copies of Dushnik and Chieftain but I feel I should probably craft them to improve even more the consistency. A third copy of Edict could be of use but isn't really necessary. <== Fork and Shaman are my pics to get one less of. Fork was initially here to draw more but haven't used it yet. The orcih warhammer I'm not too sure of either...

The main objectif here, and this why I think it's midrange even if it really looks like aggro is because you want to control the board (another incitation to add an extra Dushnik Yal boy) and slowly ruin your opponents face. Once your supports are on, all trades are easy except if you encounter a lot of lethal which could be problematic...

I would really like some of your advice since this is the first deck I publish and I'm positive it can be improved.
Thank you

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