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By: LLt223
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 13150crystal
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I'm mostly a Main sorcerer player (for $ reasons lol) and I loved the specific magika curve on the sorcerer deck by JonesAF (You can find the link at the bottom of this page) so I made this Warrior Version (of practically the same magika curve) mostly because I wanted an aggro deck a bit more midrange to be able to run Reive, and actually use it more than one turn!)*

*In a full aggro deck with mostly low cost creatures, your oponent in most scenarios will have a removal for "heavy" creatures for when you play Reive (low cost aggro creatures usually dont need heavy removal, but guards/drain low cost removal aka firebolts etc, in a midrange deck, most of your cards from cost 3+ are potential targets for heavy removal (Piercing J. Vanish. etc, (in this scenario, Unstable Madman (a removal magnet) Cultist, Bleakcoast Trolls and so on and so on...

So.. Being most of your cards "heavy removal magnets" you get an higher % of being able to play Reive and your oponent not having an inmediate answer for it, so now that I've explained it here we go!

Considering that one of the goals of this deck is Mimic the magika curve of the Sorcerer deck by JonesAF lets take a look at the cards:

-Steel Scimitar / On J.AF deck this would be the cost for Crown Quartermaster, probably the best card here could be Relentless Raiders, but since I don't own them and I this card is well know for being in most of warrior decks, and working well, you get a "surprise" for trade/board control at the cost of not having the early preasure of droping a 1 cost when you dont have the ring

- Velothi Assassin / same as J.AF deck, having 2 is enough you dont want to draw more than one on mid game when 1 dmg is useles, but having a few for early presure, and with the lack of removal, being able to open the way (lethal) to your other cards from big guards etc , it also usually a magnet for low cost removal, since being unanswered is dangerous due to Rally (This eating Negations gives you more chances of playing a Unstable madman for example)

- Barrow Stalker /

- Bone Bow / As a sorcerer player i'm very used to having negations, and they won me a lot of games, cons, it needs a creature on board, and does no dmg. Pro's you get +1 attack, and you can silence your own creatures (you can silence creatures that negation would kill if youre a sorcerer) if theyre shackled for example.

-Green Pact Ambusher and -Orc Clan Captain / in terms of magika would be the wardcrafter and harpy of the sorc version, in this slot you can experiment with basically any 2 cost of your choice

-Wind keep spellsword / (this is probablly my favorite 2 drop in the game, more even when i get it as topdeck on turn 2 and saves me from playing a wardcrafter, saving it for a manic jack or a dagerfallmage... Yummi!

-Crushing Blow / Since this version can't run Ligthing bolt, i'm puting this, cons obiously not having prophecy, Pros, being 3 cost you can play it on diferent turns that you would do with lighting bolt, I don't want to lose direct dmg on the deck, and considering that we can't have ancano i find having those a must (for my playstile at least)

-Haunting Spirit /

- Unstable Madman / running 2, since i doubt you would ever be able to play 3 in a game and find them usefull, but an alone madman unanswered can be a free win or in worst scenario a heavy(hopefully) removal magnet giving you more chances of playing Reive, BK Trolls etc.

- Withered Hand Cultist / A nice card for all aggro decks that sorcerer can't take profit of, and is often a pain for the oponent and/or a removal magnet, the stats are OK even if the oponent dosnt run actions, take in mind it can F*** Your crushing blows too

- Young Mammoth / pure stats

- Bleakcoast Troll / pure stats

- Earthbone spinner / you could run one, two or even 3, or use something else, but as an aggro/midrange deck I recomend keeping at least one, when your oponent plays a Mighty conjuring or a Dark Seducer (or hand of dagoth) you will find often praising the gods for having a silence in topdeck next turn

- False Incarnate / Running one as a test from now, since i've encountered more support oriented decks than usual with tons of potions recently, it will get removed probably, if not you still have 5 dmg on board for 4 magika, you could take it out and add another Earthbone Spinner

- Garnag, Dark Adherent / Excelent card vs control and all midrange decks that run ancano and other 8+ cost finishers, in the worst scenario is a heavy removal magnet. the breaktrouth helps too

- Reive, Blademaster / Creme de la creme, hopefully all your other "heavy removal magnets" cards will give you better % of attaking with this card more than once, if gets removed, well better chances for other cards such as BK Troll etc

- Shadowfen Priest / sometimes you have 2 in hand without any apropiate target, and you wonder why do I run this card? well, trust me, very often you will NEED it, if not to win the game, to at least have a chance, take in mind what deck you're playing against since its your only Support removal, if they don't run problematic supports, its another silence to help you end the game vs those mid/late game annyoing guards

-Sower of Revenge / Its a warrior deck! you have to run it!, worst scenario, is just a 5/5 for 5 magicka (or gets vanished aka magnet removal) can help you vs other aggro, and (happened to me last game) can won you the game sacrificing it on a full lane for doing direct 5 dmg (my oponent played a lava attronach, I had a full lane but not able to surpass, playing this, and a 2 cost on top did the 5 dmg (of 3 hp my oponent had) to win me the game.

-Syl, Duchess of Dementia / in sorcerer that would be the high king hemeric, the stronger stats on a 6 cost creature that you can run on a warrior deck as far as I know, not counting the extra 3 dmg from the lane change

- Triumphant Jarl / The sorcerer version runs Wilds Incarnate, I prefer Jarl for the following reasons: 1 less magika cost, and 2 its easier to trigger, the Moose needs 4/5 runes, which vs aggro or other mid-range matchups is harder to pull off

- Savage Ogre / And here is the surprise card, the "Fake Ancano" as I like to call it, cons: you need a creature on board able to swing, dosnt have breaktrough.
pros: Costs 1 less than ancano so you can play it one turn earlier, and you can play it with Garnag, Dark Adherent on board

Thats it! thanks everyone for reading, I hope you have fun with it, and don't forget to check out this deck from Jones AF, as is the reason i was able to do this version. Cheers!

Edit: With the new update, so far i would only add LYRIS TITANBORN, you could take out a Earthbone Spinner a False Incarnate or a Sower of Revenge (ill probably cut a SoR) or some other low cost card (I dont recomend since i dont want to kill the curve
this deck has) you could cut Savage ogre too, but LYRIS TITANBORN is a card that has no direct impact the turn you play it (Still, unanswered can be one of the best cards in the deck) , on the other hand Savage Ogre is giving you 5 dmg that your oponent can't react to (as long as you have a creature on board able to swing)

Edit: Card change, added Galyn, the Shelterer, removed one Haunting spirit (you could remove any 3 drop to keep the curve, if you don't find much control it would be better cuting out one Cultist) this could and probably will impact on the early pressure and consistency, but it's a card that I don't usually have the chance to use, and having the remote option of using it for Cultist against tribunal, or vs other midranges on Blademaster or something (maybe madman, it would be a 3 Cost 6/6 by the end of turn already transformed), or a barrow stalker against aggro, obvious you'll have to had those cards in hand, but it's seem like a fun option, and gives a little more spicy to the deck, specially on longer games.

JonesAF original deck

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JonesAF 2 months ago
I like the deck as a whole. I was accually looking to play some warrior if it wasn't for the new expansion comming out tomorrow (now i will most likely start with playing daggerfall covenant, sorcerer warrior ftw). But might use this for insperation later if i deside to play warrior again.
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LLt223 2 months ago
Thanks! glad you like it, the fact that it works is because i had yours as a reference, comparing magica cost and creatures, keeping the curve and having the same tools (direct dmg, silence/negation-bow) etc

I'm out of gold, so I'll probably just craft Lyris Titanborn as soon as I can, and i don't think I will be playing a lot of tricolor yet since I'll probably lack the cards to make them work.

I will have an eye for your next uploads!
Jarzarro 1 month ago
Hey :)

first, to say - i really like this deck. But i also have some ideas i really like to talk about. since im not used to the english card names, its some kind of work for me to look for all the names and write them down here. Any chance we can have a conversation using Teamspeak³ or maybe even whatsapp call :P ? Maybe you like some of the Ideas if have :) and yeah would be nice :) ill write u a pm.
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