Guildsworn institute of antifun

By: Radian Erechten...
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 27050crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the Guildsworn version of the Antifun police.
(disclaimer this not a super meta deck, this is a control deck that can murder and can lose, I just like to do banish and steal. I find little fun in board fighting and trading, so please don´t be a crybaby and make your decks flexible)
Feel free to give suggestions and ideas. I play it really greedy since i like to be in theme.

Made major sweeping chainges, more drain, early game prophecy guards because agro is king right now

Banish the shit out of the opponent.
The real win condition is conced.

The banish sector:
Banish his creatures with Cast into time, and soulburst
Banish his cards withPiercing twilight
Banish his deck with Soul shred combo with RAVAGING ELIXIR it is really good and reliably cheap
Banish his graveyard with Memory Wraith

The steal your shit sector
Steal his creatures with Mirak,Dragonborn and Chodala's Treachery

The "i don't like your spells "section:
grummite magus say hello to TC. JTS and every other broken hight level spell. Resummon for more antifun.

For spells: Therana

The rest is removal, aoe and draw.
IMMOLATING BLAST is a must have, for me the best aoe removal, can murder insane boards and is cheap.
ICE STORM murders tokens and stuff, old reliable. Do I have stress that my first battle after patch was prophecy BM O_o.

Card draw:
GUILDSWORN APPRENTICE superb, guard and draw and can be from runes.
ELUSIVE SCHEMER use it as banish bait, and then banish they're banish.
VANUS GALERION even one proc is worth, my experience is just outstanding

This not refined yet work in progress
Replaced Forked lightning for Ravaging elixir, Added Grisly Gourmet.

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Hermorah 2 months ago
Just won a ranked by Soul Shredding my opponents deck away. Was one of the most satisfying things I did in this game since a long time.
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Yeah, it is quite the thing, especially when you are in for a different kind of deck and win condition. I removed 2x18 cards from and opponent.
soul shred needs nerf, its too much for 5 cost if i did not get this card wrong.
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It is really strong, however agro or even a midrange can beat you. If he is lucky he can kill you, it is not a game winner by any stretch. The game is currently agro or slow mid agro heavy. Those decs don´t care
The problem is it doesn't do anything unless you're getting lucky against combo or milling them out 100%. Against a solid board state even milling them all the way out can take several turns to win while they beat down.
Hermorah 1 month ago
I hardly disagree. It doesn´t do anything imediatly so you are wasting mana and you need to play a very specific deck to make this card even work. I´d go even as far as saying that this card needs a buff because out of the 25-30 games I have played this deck I only managed to play my opponent out of cards once, because you just dont have enough time to set it up.
Oh how I love the downvoted comments, the rage and displeasure is a ambrosia to me. Give me more I feel all the salt forming! I will continue no matter the loose to win ratio, because you will not dictate how i should wind or play.
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riiche 1 month ago
Really, what`s wrong with people who behave like that? I think you didn`t get enough nourishing in your childhood.
I really like the deck idea. But the curve is too heavy and the deck is to slow. Any aggro or mid deck can kill you. The only thing is to tickle some control or combo decks.
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True, i will be adjusting it. It depends on the agro a mid start.
Reidan 1 month ago
red year without ankano) man, easy deck)
Censing 1 month ago
'The game is currently agro or slow mid agro heavy' err, are you sure about that? Very nice deck idea though, I hadn't thought of a use for Ravaging Elixir before this, seems obvious now it was designed for Expertise combos lol
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My experience on ranked currently is agro heavy, sometimes hyper agro, sometimes slower agro, sometimes mid range semi agro. Ratio aggressive to other decs in my play is 4:1 ratio. Even in casual, i matchup against aggro all the time. It´s not that judge people for going agro but sometimes it pisses me off to play so much against it.
Banish his deck with Soul shred combo with RAVAGING ELIXIR it is really good and reliably cheap <---dont understand these combo, can you explain?
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The opponent must take damage, then you can activate the new keyword Empower
NoNeck 1 month ago
Empower is not the keyword
@Radian , what about Arrest?
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Thanks for the comment i had it, but i have been changing after some play and refining it. And i facepalmed at removing arrest that is a staple.
by the way, this kind of decks are cancer for this game(like control tribunal). It's unfun , annoying and frustrating. I do not care if you become #1 with this deck.
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I think that's exactly the point of this deck...
I mean you can say the same thing about aggro..
Seems like a troll get pissed about the deck archetype and now is downvoting random comments for no reason..
Grow up kid.
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