Alliance Shout Scout - With Guide

By: David Marques
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 19300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is my Alliance Shout Scout, I love playing shout scout and the latest expansion had some cards I thought would fit perfectly into this deck.
I grant you this is not the best ladder deck even if I have had some decent results with it but it is a lot of fun!

The play style of this deck is to control the board, ramp, draw and overwhelm your opponent late game!

Curse synergy:

We have drain vitality, Shearpoint Dragon, Murkwater Scourge, Debilitate and Sal Sahan.

This cards will help you control the board and get value trades, try to play this cards with Shearpoint Dragon whenever you can!


We have Giant Bates for drain and board control, Dark Seducers are awesome especially at a point when aggro is out of cards to remove/silence it, and Brynjolf which alse helps you ramp.

Dont be shy to Necromancer those bats if needed, save you drain until after a couple of runes are broken unless you cant deal with the board otherwise.

Magicka Ramp:

Tree Minder, Blackwood Destiller and Thorn Histmage

This cards will help you ramp while also control the board. High priotiry to bring back with Necromancer.

Card Draw:

Baandari Opportunist will give you delayed draw, which is ok because its at that time you actually have the Magicka to play those cards.

Spoils of war will also give you cards and late game with all the Baandari going face you can play it almost for free.

Soul Tear can bring back cards for bard control if you are out of Necromancers, if have stabilized the board but are low on health go for Drain creatures, otherwise go for value cards like Red Bramman, Parthunax, Mannimarco, etc

Notable cards:

Mundus Stone: This is great with all the Baandaris you will play, some will get usefull stats like lethal, rally or drain. You also have quite some creatures with keywords drain, charge, lethal and guard so its nice to add up to them.

Debilitate: We run two of them, this is your reset card when everything goes south. You can combo with Shearpoint on curve or you can play it on its own and clean up with Drain Vitality and Curses.

Tazkad: This is usually our finisher, use it to fight for board if needed we can always bring him back with Soul Tear, with extra stats even!

Paarthunax: With Soul Tear you can make some loops even if it gets removed,, the rest of the shouts will help you clean up the board

Mannimarco: Just in case you need something that happens to be on your opponents graveyard and not yours.

Red Bramman: Most of the time by late game you have control of the field lade, this is the FU card for when your oppenents dump a bunch of creatures in the shadow lane.

I hope you guys enjoy this deck and please leave your comments and suggestions!

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Flo Dio 5 months ago
Scout is my favourite class and I think you did a great job with this deck.
Koravel 5 months ago
I think this deck is good, its just Ebonheart is so brokenly OP late-game you can't beat it. I just got Paarth back five times. Every single time he was able to just go right on through it lmao.
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