Telekinetic Sparksmith

By: JackAries
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 9400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
An Alliance War update to my older Gardener of Pants deck; now with an OTK ability.

Use the synergy of Gardener of Swords, Stolen Pants, and Corsair Ship to create endless minions while buffing your cards and the ability of Sparksmith and Telekinesis to deal 30 damage with one action.

For setting the board and slowing your enemy:
Use Master Swordsman in the shadow lane to start buffing your items. Use Wardcrafters, Assassins, Cunning Allies, Daggerfall Mages, and Harpies to slow your opponents while you build up tomes, and fireballs, and buff your items. Add Arcane Enchanter when you can.

Don't be too eager to play the Gardener as he a sitting duck for most actions and pings. Wait until you have either Corsair Ships in place, at least one Stolen Pants in hand, or a card draw item like Enchanted Plate or a Tome.

For the Combo:
Play Gardener in the shadow lane along with other creatures to protect him. Once he and at least one other creature are in the shadow lane equip the creature with Stolen Pants. This will summon two Dunmer in the field lane, both will equip a dagger from the Corsair Ship and so will the Gardener.

Either kill your creature with the Stolen Pants or equip one of the Dunmer with Stolen Pants. Once this is in place you can endlessly summon more. Use the Dunmer with a Stolen Pants equipped to suicide into any creature in the field lane, this will send his pants to the next Dunmer in line, equip an additional Stolen Pants to the Gardener, who will summon a replacement Dunmer in the field lane, who will then equip a dagger and send it to the Gardener. For each Dunmer death a Dunmer gains +1/+1, the Gardener gets +2/+1, and a replacement Dunmer is summoned. This effect is multiplied exponentially with more Gardeners, more Pants, and more Ships in place.

(God help your enemy if you have three Corsair Ships, three Gardeners in play, and play a Stolen Pants; as each summoned Dunmer summoned will result in a +4/+1 buff for each Gardener and you can summon four at once with one properly played Stolen Pants leading to +52/+4 attack power on board and 52 items equipped; so if there is a Sparksmith in play this is an OTK unless your opponent has more than 52 health. If your enemy kills a Gardener all his equipped Pants will revert to the Dunmer and be copied to the remaining Gardeners. By killing one they tripled your attack power.)

In the meantime use Gardener's ability to create two shackles with the Mace, draw two cards with Plate or Tomes, or buff with Seyda Neen Couriers.

Don't be afraid to equip good items with summon effects to bodies about to die as you can take advantage of Master at Arms' summon to bring the items back.

Play correctly and you should have an army of endless minions in the field lane and endlessly buffing controls in the shadow.

For the OTK:
Playing a Sparksmith in this deck means you will probably deal 6 or more damage to your opponent per turn minimum; but I'd recommend holding on to it until you have control of the board and a card advantage. Don't be too eager to break runes until you have your pieces in play. It's VERY easy to have 30+ items in play once Corsairs and Gardens are equipping like crazy. Playing a Telekinesis while a Sparksmith is in play will lead to massive damage. For only 8 magika play Sparksmith then Telekinesis right after for immediate value. The number of required items in play for an OTK drops for each Gardener on the board, as you can play Telekinesis on the Sparksmith and the Gardeners will copy all of the items she equips.

Enemies who run actions like Cast into Time or Piercing Twilights can be a problem. Use buffed bodies to try to bait and draw out those actions then use your own Piercing Twilight to banish those actions/creatures.

Tree Minder is there to help you ramp to start your combos but could be replaced with a Galyn to copy some of your combo pieces, a Shadowfen Priest to deal with supports or another card draw function.
Buffs from Master Swordsmith WILL transfer with Telekinesis but the summon effect of the card will NOT. The reverse is true for items copied to Gardener, where the buffs will NOT transfer but the summon effect WILL be duplicated.

If you REALLY want to troll your enemies, add a Soul Shred. For 13 magicka you can play a Sparksmith, Telekinesis, Soul Shred combo in one turn and banish their entire deck. Then sit back and enjoy.

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First bout dude conceded about four turns in so it wasn't a good pilot...second bout was really interesting. I never got Telekinesis in hand but the stolen pants/gardener was pretty damn sweet- got him ton 44/12 then he conceded. I can only imagine how this looks when Telekinesis is jumping everywhere.
Great deck thanks for sharing! I had to spend shards to get two stolen pants, but well worth the investment.
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JackAries 2 months ago
Thanks! I've used Tele when I had 40+ items and two Gardeners on board. It took like 30 min to do all the animations lol.
I may need to add some support removal, but that seems to be the only thing I need missing. The deck works incredibly when you have the cards in the right order...gotta use the mulligan and hope you get Corsair's Ship and Gardener...once you get it set up it's a lot of fun to watch at least until they concede.
Why 52 cards? Seems like a strange amount.
Sinnerstar 2 months ago
Have tried it out, and very underwhelming. Majority of times it's impossible to work out your strategy. Won only 2 out of 5 games on r5. Gardeners get banished on key moments or don't get drawn at all. Had to play 3 games without any gardeners at all. Corsair ship I only received in1 game! Stolen pants without any of the others to support. Deck looks nice, but please don't use it for ranked plays.

Edit: Tried out a bit longer to give it a fair try, but alas. I could only win 3 out if 10. Making the right combintion between gardener, corsairs and stolen pants is nearly impossible.
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JackAries 2 months ago
Strange. I'm able to usually get half my pieces off the draw and have to mulligan them lol. Try playing Gardener earlier and using Plate and Tomes to double your draw. Generate more with Daggerfall and Arms Master and you should be able to draw a lot of your deck. I used to get my Gardener banished now and then but if you buff another creature with a lot of items before playing him they'll usually waste their banishes on him instead. If he gets banished use Corsair Ships and Sparksmith to go aggro and it usually works out fine. Good luck!
I put Galyn in to use on pants or gardener...whichever two I get in hand first. I've tweaked the heck out of this but I only play casual with it. It's a lot of fun when it works.
Have tried that too. Drawing him too soon results in banishment, silence or lethal kill as well. The whole strategy goes down the drain with it. There are simply too many ways to counter him and the remaining cards are not nearly strong enough to turn it into aggro, not even with all the items. I may not be the only one to experience this, seeing as I never play against similar decks. It may explain why Gardener is not too popular in r5 and higher. What rank do you play and what is your win ratio with this deck?

Out of the 10 times I played this deck, only won 3 games. Have to admit that winning with this deck is a thrill though. Absolutely awesome when your strategy works out as planned and seeing gardener grow to 30+ in power. Too bad of the 7 losses.
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JackAries 2 months ago
Yeah, meme/combo decks aren't great for the ladder, I stick mostly to casual. Too many variables. But when it goes off it goes off lol.
When it comes to the ladder I actually use a Namira/Doomcrag warrior deck normally.
The real problem with this deck is when I take a shot gardener doesn’t take a shot....
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