[Masters Qualifier 1st place] Burn Assassin

By: Thuldir
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 6700crystal
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Such a sweet deck! Glad we finally get to see Market become a tier deck!
I had a 20 game win streak that got me most of the way to legend with this deck, thanks for posting!
Absolutely hate playing against this deck, Swinder's Market and Lillandril Hexmage can get fucked.
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Thuldir 4 days ago
I hate playing against this deck as well and hope for a nerf soon. There are better ways to express your thoughts though.
Joedor 5 days ago
Just OTKed with it the first game I used it. Wow, absolutely amazing!

Edit: Used it in Rank 1, went 9-3 and made Legend. Yeah it's an incredible deck for climbing.
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I added 2 doppelgangers to boost Lil. Brilliant experiment could be nice also, but you need to survive long enough to use it with Lil.
Thuldir 3 days ago
I usually try to combo-kill control decks with an otk from hand (when you have enough follow-up, e.g. second hexmage and some draw, you can play out your first hexmage a bit earlier as well and try to kill them over the course of 2 turns.

EDIT: Hoping that your hexmage survives and spending a lot of magicka and slots in your deck to put more hexmages into your hand doesn't sound like the most reliable strategy to me.
This is hilarious! I just did an OTK by warding, moving, boltng and cursing a Gnarl Rootbender :)
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Thuldir 4 days ago
Gnarl Rootbender is a great inclusion and I think it makes the deck significantly stronger. Credits to emikaela for that idea.
Has the same problems as most of these decks, heavily dependent on Lil and market. For me it works just fine until rank 3 then I get squashed over and over.
This deck is pure evil. Someone call Seducer Darkfire!
Any replacements for Black Hand Messenger? 800 shards short and I'd rather craft another Murkwater Scourge
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Thuldir 3 days ago
I don't think I would put in exactly another Scourge instead, because you rarely ever want to have all 3 of them since you usually don't have time to play all 3 copies. I would rather recommend adding a 3rd copy of Suran Pawnbroker or Move in Shadows.
Th1sd1ka1ntfr33 wrote:
I had a 20 game win streak that got me most of the way to legend with this deck, thanks for posting!
Hopefully, you're self-aware enough to realize that your wins are utterly meaningless.

It's an overpowered autopilot deck; a special-needs ESL 8-year-old just off the boat could win 20 in a row with it. Easily.
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Thuldir 3 days ago
No need to insult someone! And it is definitely not that easy to get a 20 game win streak with the deck. Most aggro decks run 3x Withered Hand Cultist and many control decks try to tech against this deck with a lot of healing and support removal, sometimes Hallowed Deathpriest as well. Considering that getting 20 wins in a row is actually quite impressive.
You're a special kind of idiot, aren't you Duke?
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