Octob3r's Caravan Palace

By: Octob3r
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 8900crystal
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You shall not harm the caravan!

Thanks for all the upvotes guys! As promised here's the guide:

Hey guys! And welcome to my very first contribution on Legends Deck. Hope to make more.

This deck took me from 5 to legend in a ~2-3 days, not playing extensively, with amazing winrate (90%?) and a lot of FUN.

The concept:
An aggro deck that aims to win by turn 5 or 6. You play for board presence and face. You will:
  • avoid trade, and brain your opponents with clever moves, forcing them to trade few cards against 1
  • go full face, and pray for the gods to bestow Monk Strike should you be in trouble
  • Astound your opponents with wombo combo move and 10/10 on board at turn 4

In essence the core of the deck is to move creatures to either go face or trade advantageously. BUT you can (and will) still win without {{Dune Smuggler}}. By the time the opponent controls your swift minions, you'll have won.

Your winning moves:
You can win with a number of tools,
  • if you get {{Beweldering Speed}} with some good face hits
  • A skyrocketing {{Descendant of Alkosh}} or {{Daring Cutpurse}} and {{Master of Thieves}}
  • brute force with {{Shadowscale Hunter}} or {{Eastmarch crusader}} with {{Monk's strike}} and {{Swift strike}}
  • And wombo combo would be to have a caravan smuggler (who usually is not priority target for some reason vs a cutpurse for instance) playing into a dune smuggler and grand ball. But that's maybe one win out of 3?
  • {{Swiftstrike}} is your finisher, try to keep at least one {{gavel of the ordinator}}.
  • When in trouble you can use {{monk strike}} with {{master of thieves}} on the board (or desperate {{swiftstrike}} but ideally you'd keep it.
  • {{Ahnassi}} , {{Penitus Oculatus}} , {{swiftstrike}} are precious: they'll make the difference between win and lose, play them wisely.

The mulligan:
Your mulligan would ideally either have:
{{caravan enforcer}} OR {{daring cutpurse}} + some movement card + a draw ideally the {{blood pact messenger}} (especially if you have ring). You're almost certain to draw two cards if you keep the movement card as opponents usually put an early guard (like that annoying vampire, or the poison guard green argonian, bleh).

If you have the ring, it's gg: you'll get monsters on the board before turn 5 and any hard removal, especially with Dune Smuggler + Biweldering speed + caravan enforcer. If not and you're against aggro, good luck, 50/50.

Speaking of which, let's talk matchups:
EZ win: Against control / decks who play long matches or need some kind of setup (against burn assassin, empire abo, ebonheart, tribunal etc they are too slow or cant skyrocket like the caravan will. Against burn assassin, you should trade against their key card: {{Lillandril hexmage}} (but hey it's turn 5 so you'd probably just need to trade if you dont have ring). Pretty much ignore rest.

Tough: aggro orcs and crusader decks, in which case you can win IF you get the ring + a decent hand + play ALL face (your {{monk strike}} will save you). Don't even try to control or trade (they won't), just buff and keep your creatures alive and hope to get monk strike. Trade only if you get {{master of thieves}} + {{Gavel of the ordinator}} on a pilfer.

Playing this deck also really improved me as a player: things I didn't do before I do now is look against who I'm playing. If it's crusader I would keep monk strike in hand because it'll be critical to the win as well as have a turn 1. If it's ebonheart I'll keep gourmets. If they have green vipers then I'll be extra careful and hide back my creatures or keep a silt strider. If it's burn or any long run combo heavy I'll keep pilfers.

Regarding banish: it has never been an issue for me. Both javeline and banish are turn 5 cards. By turn 5 you should either have lethal in hand or complete board control with a few big buffed not to care.

Out of luck: If by turn 7 or 8 you haven't won you know it's lost (although the number of prophecies can sometimes turn the tide as well, I've done a comback at 1hp!). You'd be surpised the comebacks i've done if the opponent decides to just go face once they have strong board and you seem out of cards... instead of cleaning your lanes first. If you have stuff on the board, you can turn the tide.

Card replacement:
If you dont have {{Descendant of Alkosh}} (the most expensive in this cheap deck): I'd replace by a mixture of: {{Elsweyr lookout}}{{Baandari bruiser}}{{Baandari opportunist}} or {{Daring Cutpurse}}. Preferably opportunist and cutpurse over the others... {{Cog collector}} is also a good option. (don't put more than 1 bruiser, it'll most likely stay in your hand turn 3, you'll have better plays to do, it's a high risk, high reward card. Havent had much success with the Lookout also).

The reason I have these two Descendant of Alkosh is to skyrocket if left unchecked, bait removals to make way for my dune smugglers, or simply have first turn plays. It is critical to have early board in that deck (you can't control for shit).

General tips:
There are combos in the deck, but you can easily win without them - don't be stuck on waiting to have combos in hand. Try playing as many cards as possible on the board. Play them in the shadow lane, then move, buff and play more creatures in the shadow lane. Remember it's aggro first, move second.

If they have a big guard in each lane: usually I'd ignore a whole lane and concentrate on one, preferably field (you play cards in shadow lane and move in field most time). Ignoring a whole lane works against every match up: control will leave their creatures there and not attack to not make you draw. If they attack, you draw, more combos thanks bruh. Aggro will go face. If they put the gatekeeper (it's late in game, you're already in trouble) then ignore the lane, they're penalizing themselves. Play more penitus occulus if you face too many guard and no ebonheart. You also have hanessi for surprise finisher.

Finally, manage your hitpoints like a ressource: let them hit you to draw, you'll go down, you'll go up. Your prime objective is to save your creatures and get them in the face. And manage your cards... Not because you have a move card should you play it... Keep for combo. Don't buff creatures before the end of the turn: it's useless and if they control you did a bad deal - probably even the worst deal in the history of trade deals.

Be smart: You're supposed and should move back creatures in the shadow lane AFTER they attack - and sometimes that means lose a few damage points buff they'd get otherwise BUT they'll gain conceal and you'll keep them for another turn. Example: you play {{Shadow Scale Hunter}} in the shadow lane. Turn passes. You play {{Dune Smuggler}} and move him to field then attack: He moves back to shadow and is hidden. You had {{Shadow Shift}} in hand that could have increased his attack once more, but then he'd have attacked from the shadow lane, and moved to field, being vulnerable.

Hope that helps!


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Definitely not the direction I usually go with a deck, but I'm interested. I feel like a second swift strike would make that finisher more certain. but I haven't play tested yet.
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Octob3r 6 months ago
Sure - let me know how that goes for you! If you had fun, first of all, and if you won in the ladder :) (casual it's not that good i've heard)
whats your approach on when to trade ad when to race
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Octob3r 6 months ago
Hey! I've updated the description with a guide and covered that :)
I play monk decks almost exclusively. I'm at rank 2 and can't get out of the snake with this deck. When I go face I lose the race. When I try to control the board I'm out valued. Good for you but doesn't work for me. Back to pilfer monk for me.

Also, I appreciate your time and effort in playing and making this deck and I am happy to see monk still viable. Please don't take my non success with the deck as me complaining. Just throwing out there my experience with the deck.
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Octob3r 6 months ago
Hello fellow Khajiit player. No problem at all - appreciate the feedback :)

I've written a guide now, feel free to give it another go. You shouldn't trade and instead work to save your creatures. That's how they'll grow insanely strong quickly. That means moving them back in the shadow lane and keeping moves to do them "in bulk" once your turn starts (and you get value out of them). It's perfectly fine to lose one, two or even three runes just to draw, and ignoring the board (you'll go right back up with monk strike). It's a fine balance between move to buff and face, or move to shadow and secure. Between playing cards or keeping them.

In any case, long live the monks and Khajiits :D
wow, such an agile deck - great stuff!
Thank's for sharing! Why didn't you choose Baandari Bruiser? With Swift Strike and Master of Thieves pretty brutal combo.
Pruhovc 6 months ago
I dont know about you but I'm 1-6 with this deck (1 win). Will try to improve I guess.
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Viktor F 6 months ago
I play with +3 bruisers +1 agent -2 groumets - 2 hunters + some other minor changes and yes it is a beast if it lives
NoNeck 6 months ago
Great deck, thanks a lot! I love monk class as hell! Have you tried to add Elsweyr Lookout?
dav0r 6 months ago
I really don't see why this deck is so good in your eyes. It's fun tough!
But when I play it, the weak creatures (which most are) get killed of very easily by archers or 2 damage actions. Buffed creatures get easily silenced or pinged by lethals.
The worst thing is that since you "race", you don't have enough card draw to get to your combo-cards.

The only wins I got were lucky strikes where i drew 1 last card which made me win just in time or where the opponent misplayed since they don't get what's comming. But it is a fun meme deck tough!
I was thinking about this deck with addition of namira shrine
I’ve gone 2-10 (w-l) with this... I am by no means an expert, but I've found that unless the cards come out just right, i can’t get the board filled. So many times I have to just pass the turn because I have a handful of actions and no creatures.

When it’s worked it’s been fun though - and I’m sure the error is mine.... just not working for me! Sad times.
have you tried riverhold escorts in this deck, didn't have decedents so subbed those in since i figured pilfer move kinda fit with the whole concept plus its a fairly sizeable guard if needed - but awesome deck plays so much like my move assassin from 7 months ago great fun
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