(Updated) Conscription Market Shrine (LEGEND) ;-]

By: XnefariousX
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 16750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I have been playing this deck at Legend and have been having lots of success. Unfortunately I do not have the time to climb ladder, and like building decks more than playing. I would like to hear from people that have the time to play it regularly.

1) This deck can be very aggressive early game occasionally killing like an aggro.
My goal early game is to get one rune destroyed to activate Crusader, and hopefully draw out an Archer or Priest before my shrines come out.
2) The magic number for this deck is 2. If you have a combo of Shrine(s), or Thieves Guild Recruit(s) that reduce the cost of cards by 2, the majority of your cards are free. Coincidentally, most of these cards draw another card when played... When paired with Market, you have Draw + Damage + Lifegain. This combo works without actions, subverting Cultist.
3) Hold Thieves Guild Fence until you have combo, or drop it right before you are about to draw multiple cards on your turn.
4) Use Embassy Disguise on Profiteer, Fence, or just a spider worker in the field lane to keep Shrine's ability active.
5) Guildsworn Revitalizer + Leafwater Blessing early game kills Aggro.
6) Once you have achieved the magic #2! You need to go find a market if you do not have one already in play. Cycle your 0 cost draw creatures, and items with Leafwater Blessing as it gets returned to your hand. Once you have found 2 Leafwater Blessings with this combo, its game over because they have 0 cost and market life gain returns it to your hand as you play the other one... At this point, your only enemy is time.
7) Conscription is a great way to refill life and cards in your hand. Be mindful of your hand size after playing Conscription because you may end up discarding the Market, Fence, or Shrine you were looking for.
8) Last but not least! Disciple of Namira is very powerful on a full lane. She can cycle through cards very quickly to find your combo. She can also be used with Market, or my favorite late game kill. Infinite Baandari Opportunists!!!

I have tried multiple versions of this deck. Most have been focused on trying to make my low cost early game creatures do more damage, or add more removal. Unfortunately when I have moved in that direction, it has come at the expense of card churn which I think is the strength of this deck. If would love to hear from someone who has the time to play this at Legend for a sustained period of time and how they would change the deck to be more balanced.



Subbed Lockpick in for Stand Guard ;-}
Added Cast into Time for Archers and Priests
Added immolating blast because the blast leaves my shrines activated and kills larger creatures...

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Maxybond 6 months ago
You mention at the end of point one drawing out an archer or priest? But don't have one in your deck.? Typo or getting them to play them?
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Dushnikh Yal Archer, and Shadowfen Priest are the two most common support killing cards used. As this deck relies on Market and Shrine, getting your opponent to play their support kill cards to kill or silence a creature greatly increases your win rate. I found this to be so important that I added 3 Cast Into Time to the deck for that purpose in the update.

Having a lot of success in legends with it too. The usual Market empire deck relies a LOT on drawing your Disciple of Namira (I've lost the majority of my games with it because all my disciples were in my last 20 cards) but this one has a backup plan. Good job with it.
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Agreed, I found that Aggro kills the streamlined market decks too consistently. I like this deck because it has lifegain and removal that can prolong the game against Aggro Decks. I do wish I could find a way to streamline it a little more. I feel like I get caught with an empty hand a little too often. I have played with adding Oathman for early game speed and to combo into Shrine, however i feel like the loss of another draw card is not worth it. I have also thought about subbing out Eastmarch Crusader for Gambler.
Yeah, I've played you on the ladder at least twice in the last couple of days ... I can't say for sure if you were playing this cancerous shit every time, but I remember once, for sure.

Sadly, it just makes the game double-handed solitaire. I have no idea how you could possibly get any satisfaction out of that.
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You should try playing the deck. Unlike the typical Market deck, you have lots of options and the deck can win in different ways. Its actually lots of fun to play.
Its definitely absolute cancer. I just sit there begging for the timer to run out while cards flash left and right. I still beat it every time if I can get my Dres Tormentor/Winters Grasp out, but god do these fights take forever. I could go make a sandwich and they'd still be leafwater blessing something.
neorvo 5 months ago
I won without know how...
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