Mana Curve

21 3 3 9 3 11 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 3
Plot 3
Ward 3
Treasure Hunt 2
Wax 0
Wane 0
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Slay 0
Pilfer 0
Lethal 0
Charge 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Drain 0
Exalt 0
Last Gasp 0
Guard 0
Invade 0
Assemble 0


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By: acampbell11
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 5200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Cancer Market Assassin

The Premise:
Heavy Focus on early foraging and hoarding to deliver a lethal blow with constant burn from Hexmage to get from a rare possible kill as early to a standard kill rage from 7-9 turns.

The Synergies:
Many Actions Synergize to proc the Market and Hexmages. Sometimes only Hexmages can be needed to acheive victory. Avoid early-dropping. Try to play that Hexmage or Market ONLY when you can get a good value on the same turn.

Gnarl Rootbender is really useful in here when you need to dig for a kill condition or draw tons of cards in one turn, effectively changing the tides if a Market or Hexmage are already down.

List of Cards that proc Rootbender and get a nice cycle action loop to do massive dmg:
- Close call
- Curse
- Forked Bolt
- Lesser Ward
- Move in the Shadows
- Shadow Shift
- Lightning Bolt (but, whyyy)

# of Actions in the deck to synergize with the Hexmages: 33, PLUS additional generation of free actions from cards like Suran Pawnbroker and Murkwater Guide.

And of course every card should fit the synergy as well and pump up the volume from 0 to 100 to get that W.

Lets Talk About Spoils of War: Speaking of synergy, this card fits in here beautifully. I have not found it uncommon late game to double market and lillandril only to Spoil for FREE into 2 more and get massive damage and momentum real quick. It is free cycle and card draw, and even if you have to cast it for only the partial bonus, it can often be a very beneficial play to set up the next turn. I like to get one in my opening hand, even without the ring, unless against aggro.

Shadowmarking the Spot:: Get +1 cards for 3 mana, only you get to pick 2/3 of the cards and drop a massive shit bomb in your opponents hand. Obviously we need to focus on giving them things that will not increase their momentum or sustainability. Cards like Move in the Shadows can be pretty tame, Excavate, Murkwater Guide, Close Call, and Curse can be given away without too much fear of reciprocity. Be extra careful when playing in a mirror match.

The Mulligans:

Try to get cards like this in your opening hand:
- Dres Spy
- Swindler's Market
- Shadowmarking
- Murkwater Guide
- Lillandril Hexmage
- Winter's Grasp

Strategy: From Mulligan to Victory
You want to focus early on the achievement of your core kill conditions, and the cycle that gets you there second! Lastly. you want to assemble the rest of your combo, with the many easy to obtain 0 cost cards, and then like a sneaky little fuck, proceed to start burning them down as FAST as you can. Winning with this deck might involve you dropping over 15 cards down in a single turn, so be FAST and DO NOT make stupid plays when you do lay down that massive coup de gras before the TIMER runs out on you.

Pros VS Weaknesses

A few Pros:
- Budget deck.
[Disclaimer: Cheap for anyone to pickup and play. However, I do not support players, especially new players, scrapping everything they can to build one of my decks, only to be upset about it later.]
- Massive amounts of damage can be dealt through Market and Lillandril with well-timed plays, while simultaneously cycling for a good while and getting sustainability from Market at the same time.
- It is more fun to win with this deck. Spam tons of cards at them in a single turn while breathing heavily the whole time like a sweaty nerd.
- Game can be midrange or longrange, depending on your opponent and your crafty decision-making.

Some Convicts
- You can get some tough hands. Sometimes sacrificing the wrong card to the wrong play can cost you the game.
- STEEP learning curve, albeit, simple concept
- Tough or often impossible matchups vs aggro can occur. Midrange too. but less often.
- High occurrence of support removal exists, especially the lower rank you get. Tests at rank 5 last month were atrocious, while tests from rank 2 to legends were MUCH better.
- VERY weak vs lifegain.
- Weak to Slay

Happy hunting!

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Horus Rex 6 months ago
This deck is proof that market needs a nerf, a SERIOUS nerf
JackAries 6 months ago
Could you incorporate a Leaf Water Blessing and Thieves Guild Fence to have a permanent card draw loop? Or would that be a tempo loss?
2 Replies
acampbell11 6 months ago
Fence was removed already as I tried it in the original play test last night and was getting the tempo drop as you said.

Edit: Removed Excavate and subbed in 1 Leafwater. Test NEGATIVE. The deck needs at least 1 Excavate.

Who would of thought a deck with only 11 units would be so hilariously good, getting turn 5 and 6 kills frequently without needing to attack with a creature.
JackAries 6 months ago
I'm building a deck to test it and see how it goes. I'll let you know how it goes :) I gotta craft the Fences so this is a gamble lol.
Philip Argo 6 months ago
I like this, but I'm thinking a few changes could be made. I've won tow of three games so far and it has brought me back from a severe disadvantage to a win with me stealing all their health through zero action card use.
I do not understand having leaf water blessing since there are no drain creatures to take advantage of the card's perk. For it, I would substitute Excavate in case one of your markets gets removed.

And now I understand why I'm getting so beaten down before I make my return...for having only 11 creatures, this is very strong. I'm often not able to drop a card until 4 or 5, but if the markets are in hand, turning it around is easy as pie.
Edit: just reread the above comments...der! And as much as I want multiple markets in pay, only having ne can do the trick quite nicely.

Fun to play and my opponents are always commenting nice play. Thanks for sharing!
1 Reply
acampbell11 6 months ago
You know, its funny. I took out Excavate last night and added the Leafwater, but I liked the Excavate better.

The Leafwater does work in here, however, as long as a Market is down, and you can just keep retargeting the Gnarl with it to draw more cards. BUT, there are better options than Leafwater anyway.

Appreciate your comments, Philip.

PS you don't need market to win. Can do like 50 damage in a turn with hexmage.
simi103 6 months ago
WTF is this crazy shit? 11 creatures. Tried a few games, here was the result:

Vs #11: turn 5 win, had 38 hp and 5 cards in my hand after almost infinite combo
Vs #68: turn 6 win, barely. Used lillandril to do 32 damage
Vs a rank 2: turn 8 loss vs aggro, made a couple mistakes
Swims at Night?
Ring of Namira?

Extremely annoying Withered Hand Cultist.
1 Reply
NoNeck 6 months ago
I think, that there's no needs for it... Swims-at-Night is TOO rare, not even at the ladder... Ring of Namira is too expensive for this deck.
CmonWHAT 6 months ago
This deck can sometimes win dramatically, but so far it's not been consistent enough to be viable. Bad experience for the few people you roll, bad experience for most players expecting to climb using it, IMO. I do not recommend.
Digeriuz 6 months ago
I played against you and this deck and for the record it was not market that did the damage but skilful use of move, draw and hexmage. Drawing action after action and empowering spoils meant I had very little to respond to. So the idea that it is market that is overpowered doesn't always hold true.

Descendr 6 months ago
So far, 5 games played, 5 games lost at rank 5. It's a gimmick deck, and kind of requires you to pull a Swindler's Market in short order, so for me it was bad luck, 3 games I didn't even see a swindler's market come up and two games it didn't show up until the 5th turn.
1 Reply
acampbell11 6 months ago
I would never use this deck at rank 5. Everyone at that rank runs a ton of support removal. In higher ranks, I almost never see any. I grinded to rank 3 last night, then pulled it out and got a 6 game winstreak before bed. The meta is far different at lower ranks, for sure.
satik37 6 months ago
Having so much fun destroying this deck :) People are simply surrendering as they can't do shit :)
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