Mana Curve

0 3 12 14 11 6 3 1

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 12
Prophecy 9
Guard 6
Breakthrough 5
Last Gasp 3
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Wane 0
Wax 0
Slay 0
Lethal 0
Drain 0
Charge 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Invade 0
Pilfer 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0


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Anti-Aggro (#1 - 26/01 to 29/01)

By: AlphaV
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Posted: 2 years ago
Updated: 2 years ago
Outdated (Patch-1-61 patch)
Crafting Cost: 13100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the deck I am using to counter an aggro/Midrange Metà and this is just the most consistent and polyvalent deck of the game.

My game sessions:

-26/01: 15/0 (#17 to #1)
-27/01: 6/2 (#2 to #1)
-28/01: 5/2 (#2 to #1)
-29/01: 2/0 (#2 to #1)

Update (27/01):

- x3 Gardener of Swords replaced by x3 Royal Sage

Update (08/02):

- x2 Enchanted Plate replaced by x2 Shornhelm Champion
- x1 Mace of Encumbrance replaced by x1 Midnight Sweep

- Screenshot of my #1 on 26/01

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Vapula 2 years ago
Master of arms should have good synergies in the deck. Why don't play this card?
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AlphaV 2 years ago
I have chosen changing some cards of a classic item sorcerer to be more polyvalent and stronger in aggro match-ups. The fact is that to get value of a tome you need board control or you need facing decks slower than you like midranges or controls. Master of arms is quite the same, if you didn't have arms in the early game or if you are in a critical situation, it's a dead card but yes it's crazy against control. So, i decided to balance the deck to be stronger against bad match-ups (aggros) and less good against favorable match-ups (the decks slower than you in general). It works for the moment, classic Item Sorcerer is still a very good deck but more in a Control Metà (when you're facing Merric Battlemages, Control Spellswords, Control Mages) and my decklist is stronger against an Aggro Metà when you're facing Prophecy Battlemages, Midrange Archers, Aggro Crusaders...
Vapula 2 years ago
Merci AlphaV.
i will test it tonight.
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AlphaV 2 years ago
You're welcome ;)
I hope it will work for you.
Vordhosbn 2 years ago
Works perfect. Was stuck on rank 1 for over a week switching between different controls (mage, spellsword). Took this one today and hit legend after 2 hours. My version: -1x Midnight Sweep, -1 Black Worm Necromancer (tbh I regret this change;), -1 High King Emeric (I regret that even more but I dont have him and didn't want to craft one for a deck I haven't tried before), +1 Enchanted Plate, +2x Master of Arms.
Thanks for sharing the decklist!
1 Reply
AlphaV 2 years ago
Thank you, your changes are coherent so there is no problem ^^
I'm happy to see i have helped you to reach legend.
Good work as allways from Alpha!
As a fellow sorcerer i would like to recommend giving stornhelm champion a shot again. He was reightfully overshadowed by necromancer pre-nerf but works surprisingly well with the less synergistic item approach as he is a relatively independent drop (reffering to your thoughts on master of arms).
Then i would like to ask you on your opninion about 4-drops. I see you went for preserver/midnight sweep, but i feel like its a kind of bitter replacement for breton conjurer, who is just way to countered right now. I dont feel like there is a great option right now.

Anyway, i would like to invite you to give me your opinion on my latest sorcerer guide. Its a slower approach wich i will explain in it. Its mostly about thoughts on the recent nerves and the possibility to make a sorcerer with pressure but without the common midrange package. Its also an attempt to spark theoretical discussions on this page. Albeit its length i would really appreciate your view in particular.

Keep up the good work.
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AlphaV 2 years ago
- Thank you man, i'm glad to see you like my work and i will try to do my best for the next ^^

- I have tested Item Sorcerer and the principal problem of the archetype is that it's not polyvalent at all, it's weird against aggro in general even if you can steel some games and it's weird too against greedy Hard-Controls where Midrange Sorcerer can easily race them.

- So, the good reasons to play Item Sorcerer, it's against anti-aggro decks like control mage, ramp scout, control spellsword (decks which are slow in general if they are not greedy controls) or against Midrange decks if they haven't an insane early game (except for Midrange Sorcerer where it's probably 50/50).

- Thereby, some of the cards you played in your deck are errors of deckbuilding because they may be just bad or innapropriate if we consider the match-ups you want to see by playing the deck:

--> First, the anti-Aggro cards:

- They are just innapropriate because like we said aggro match-ups are too bad and the best way to deal with decks that are really bad match-ups in ladder is just to change of decks (90% of the time):

- Breton Conjurers, Night Shadows, Crushing Blows are obviously anti-Aggro cards.

--> And Secondly, the cards which are just weaker than other cards to accomplish something:

- High Rock Summoner is just a bad card
- Heirloom Greatsword weaker than Mentor's ring because it's usefull only if you dominate your opponent.

--> Exemplaries:

- Daggerfall mage is just too good to be played only in x2 exemplaries, x3 is better.
- Master of Arms must be played in x3 exemplaries if we consider again the fact that it's insanely good against the match-ups you want to see.
- I'd put only x1 Mentor's Ring because the card is too situational.

--> The good points:

- Shornhelm Champion is an interesting pick in an Item Sorcerer, i really like the card and i think it's a good choice but x3 exemplaries is probably too much so x2 exemplaries seems to be balanced.

- Many people still don't play Nahagliiv in Item Sorcerers while it's just an insane card so i agree with it.

- Otherwise, your article is really rigorous, we can see you have take a lot of time to write it, you explain well your opinion, it's nice work :)
Took a month or so break and came back today to rank back up and claim 3x reward cards (sweet looking card). Decided to make this deck, a break from my usual control scout, mid archer or aggro crusader. I can confirm that this deck is absolutely merciless. I am trying to sort out a spot for Lucien though, if you have a suggestion on what to switch out.
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AlphaV 2 years ago
- Thank you, sorcerer is currently the best midrange deck of the game, if the developpers want this to change, they have to nerf cards again, it seems like dark rift and Black Worm Necromancer nerfs weren't enough, it's still OP.

- I really don't like Lucien, the card is good only when you have the advantage on board or when it's close between you and your opponent. It's a dead card against controls which are very present in the metà and useless when you're facing someone who's racing you, by puting it on the board you lose too much tempo and it's free lose, the card is too slow and not polyvalent at all.

- But if you want to play the card anyways, i think the best ways to put it in the deck is by removing x1 Cunning Ally or x1 Mace of Encumbrace.
This deck is crap, unfortunately
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