Parlor Tricks (Rebooted)

By: Corrvette
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 16200crystal
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This is my edit of a fantastic deck created by The_Wayne_McPayne which can be found here:

Anyway moving on, I left the game a little bit before Isle of Madness dropped and came back in May 2019, which prompted me to update one of my favorite lists. I'm not gonna compare this to your typical mid-sorc because the original description does a great job of that, instead I'm going to talk about the differences between mine and the original.

My goal when editing the list was to give it more flexibility while maintaining its consistency. So I'm going to go over the two major changes first and then the spicy one ofs.

Haunting Spirit: (In place of Daggerfall Mage) Both cards play really well for the board and have utility after they die. My concern was that there was just too many 2 power creatures in the 3 drop section and I wanted something with a little more board value and DM just seemed a little too slow.

Wrath of Sithis: (In place of Tel Vos) Wayne gives a pretty good explanation of the benefits of each card in his description. For me it just comes down to they're both really difficult to remove and you just don't need the face ward, you want the cards, especially now that you don't have tome from DM. One concern is that removing this and DM will make Emeric weaker, but Emeric is so strong that its not that big of a deal.

One ofs: The thought process here is that there are some card in this list that function better as two ofs with a spicy replacement that does something similar. Those cards being Dragon Cult Ghost, Almalexia's Disciple, and Indomitable Ordinator. One copy of each was removed for Gardner's Harvest, Luzrah, and the Gatekeeper respectively. These cards all do similar things and give the deck even more flexibility without sacrificing consistency due to the fact that sometimes, especially with DCG and disciple, can be pretty dead in your hand, because you've just got better things to play. And having harvest and Luzrah, which have the same magika cost or want to come down at the similar time, but do different things is really nice. With gatekeeper he is just a less conditional Ordinator (exalt) with a slight downside that you kind of have to split lanes. But at that point you're probably splitting lanes anyway so its fine.

Overall Gardner's Harvest had been the worst, you really want it to be a low cost item most of the time, but because it can be any item and is not tied to your available magika, half the time its pretty dead. Having said that it is a fun mini game to have while playing the deck and the half of the time it works, its completely unexpected and a lot of fun.

Cards I'm considering: Stalwart Ally, Doomfang Ally, Clockwork Dragon, Angry Grahl, Nahagliv, Wake the Dead, Tel Vos, Daggerfall Mage, Work King's Agent,

Update: Added in Gayln for one Haunting Spirit.

Overall the deck is fun, your typical mid-sorc core, with some really cool cards. All credit to Wayne for the original, be sure to give this one or his a go!

P.S. I would love any feedback you have, I'm always looking to make this deck better.

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