The Assembly Line

By: the_dacca
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Posted: 6 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 10200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
A Mid-Range deck that focuses on the Assemble keyword.

I really like the Assemble keyword and have had decent success with this deck. The biggest problem with Assemble decks is how slow they can be. This deck is intended to play as a control deck as needed while ramping the factotum cards. If you're not drawing any factotum you can still shift play to mid-range/aggro with the other cards and use the assembled factotum for control. I'm finding this deck isn't the best against fast aggro decks and still gets outclassed by more intense decks but still does well on it's own. I'm still working on improving this deck as I fill out my collection and will update it in the future if I come across anything that works better.

Assemble Order:
When playing on tempo and if drawn correctly, it's recommended to assemble factotum in this order:
Guard -> Lethal -> +Health -> +Attack
Having all your factotums have guard and lethal allows for great board control as they slowly grow and to help shield other creatures and your face. Titan should be assembled as needed

Notes on Specific Cards:

Fabricate: This works well for your first turn to help round out your hand's tempo or to search for any needed keywords. It also works well off tempo to add an extra creature to your hand of varying size

Gearwork Spider: These are intended to be played first turn or later to help establish board control. These also synergize with Forsworn Guide, Kagouti Fabricant and Galyn. You can replace gearwork with other one cost creatures but I've found the spiders to be pretty flexible.

Forsword Guide: Great for swapping out with factotum so you can assemble them again, but also works well with replacing lower cost or damaged cards. Guide works really well with Galyn if you're able to utilize him well multiple times.

Reflective Automaton: This creature receives all the Assemble buffs from other factotum. This makes this a great card to hold onto and use as needed as it will only get stronger over time. A 2-cost 2/3 is good enough on the board but being able to have a 2-cost 2/3 with guard and lethal is great to have for control early. While Automaton is a great target for Galyn, any Automatons added back into your deck will not have any of the Assembled buffs previously played. They still will receive any new assemble buffs played, but it is still good to add more to your deck with Galyn and the +3/+3 buff he gives.

Galyn: This card is a must include as it's able to add back additional factotums or additional buffed creatures as needed and is extremely flexible. Wind Keep Spellsword becomes a 2-cost 5/5 with Ward, more gearwork spiders to help rebuild board control, more automatons, etc. Playing Galyn on curve is great as it's able to add more larger bodies for the mid to late game. Be aware that and factotum added to your deck with Galyn will not have any previously played assembled buffs.

Colossus: Only one is needed as this is intended to be a late game finisher card. The two 0/5 guards help establish board control while the 11/11 is there for face damage or as a focus for removal.

Supports: I prefer Mundus as it has the potential to add drain, ward or other helpful keywords. You can switch this with Divine Fervor which also works well.

Other Cards:
Feasting Hunger and Legate are great for healing as needed. Ald Velothi can be used as both a lethal for removal or for rallying other creatures. Priest works well but can be switched with other silence or removal actions or creatures. I prefer using Archein Venomtongue as another creature, but this can be replaced with other similar creatures. Crushing Blow and other damage/removal spells can be adjusted to your preference but there should be some removal actions in your deck.

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IGORFEZ 6 months ago
Is Hulking Fabricant any good here?
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the_dacca 6 months ago
It could work as you would have enough neutrals to activate it, and being able to have a 5-cost 8/8 is great on curve or late game. You could take out some of the removal actions or call of valor but not sure what remove to add it. It seems like it should work well as long as you can make it fit.
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