Epic Reanimator Redoran (90 WR)

By: Aristeion
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 26400crystal
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Welcome everyone and please take a closer look on this little bit greedy Control build with some unusual (as usual) picks :) Now deck have about 90% WR

90% Win rate


deck statistics

Card choices:

Fork of Horripilation- great source of draw and staple in every buld with crossbows and inferno swords

Grummite Magus - briliant counter against rage, conscription and other heavy tool-based decks, even if you are not sure I strongly recomend to try it

Winterhold Illusionist - very unusual pick that is extremally helpfull here, it can trigger Mannimarco, Miraak, Deathpriest. He can skip opponent`s guards, he can even generate token from Nightblade and You know what comes next...

Gortwog gro-Nagorm - extreamly underrated card that can generate so much value; epic top deck, nice body; he forces your oponent to use removal on him

Blood Magic Lord can be replaced by Night Talon Lord if You prefer :)

Deck advantages:
- great against any other control and midrange decks
- so great draw engine
- limitles possibilities - nobody is playing Memory Wraith now (mayyyybe 1) :D

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Just played against this deck using Thuldir's Guildsworn Mid-Range deck, which has always served me and I've always felt like I had a chance even in the games I lost. Until now. This deck just absolutely WRECKED me. I felt like I had no chance from like turn 4 onwards. I was drawing well and making good plays and it just wasn't enough, this deck was able to draw so many damn cards and destroy everything I put on the field, it just seemed like I was playing three turns behind the entire game. I must try playing this for myself now!
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It iv very nice to read! well, I mean sorry for your lost game, but You know :D hope to hear some feedback after you test it. Have fun! Thanks!
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