Epic Reanimator Redoran (90 WR)

By: Aristeion
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 26400crystal
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Welcome everyone and please take a closer look on this little bit greedy Control build with some unusual (as usual) picks :) Now deck have about 90% WR

90% Win rate


deck statistics

Card choices:

Fork of Horripilation- great source of draw and staple in every buld with crossbows and inferno swords

Grummite Magus - briliant counter against rage, conscription and other heavy tool-based decks, even if you are not sure I strongly recomend to try it

Winterhold Illusionist - very unusual pick that is extremally helpfull here, it can trigger Mannimarco, Miraak, Deathpriest. He can skip opponent`s guards, he can even generate token from Nightblade and You know what comes next...

Gortwog gro-Nagorm - extreamly underrated card that can generate so much value; epic top deck, nice body; he forces your oponent to use removal on him

Blood Magic Lord can be replaced by Night Talon Lord if You prefer :)

Deck advantages:
- great against any other control and midrange decks
- so great draw engine
- limitles possibilities - nobody is playing Memory Wraith now (mayyyybe 1) :D

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Just played against this deck using Thuldir's Guildsworn Mid-Range deck, which has always served me and I've always felt like I had a chance even in the games I lost. Until now. This deck just absolutely WRECKED me. I felt like I had no chance from like turn 4 onwards. I was drawing well and making good plays and it just wasn't enough, this deck was able to draw so many damn cards and destroy everything I put on the field, it just seemed like I was playing three turns behind the entire game. I must try playing this for myself now!
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Aristeion 6 months ago
It iv very nice to read! well, I mean sorry for your lost game, but You know :D hope to hear some feedback after you test it. Have fun! Thanks!
Mediocre deck bad against midrange and agro. Too greedy.
I disagree. I also went up against this with thuldir’s guildsworn (midrange) and got destroyed. Fast Aggro maybe is good against this, but not control, and at least not the midrange I played
JY Kim 5 months ago
Greedy like hell. Totally useless against aggro.
NoNeck 5 months ago
No Galyn? Seriously?
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Aristeion 5 months ago
There is really no need to put him in such build :D
berjae12 5 months ago
I'm missing several cards so I can't try this deck and provide first-hand feedback, but given that 43 of the 75 cards are 4-magicka or above, it seems pretty easy to fall behind and never catch up. Slapping down some big cards feels extra futile now with all the removal-centric decks.
I'll still save the deck and try it when I can, thanks for sharing!
iiiiiiii 5 months ago
With only nine 2-drops (six of which can actually fight for board), this is yet another insane greedpile that new players shouldn't be laying their eyes on. A 10 game sample size isn't enough to merit a 90% w/r tag as any deck/player that can put that up consistently will find themselves Legend #1 after enough games.

Of course, if you just want to stomp control opponents who have properly built decks that have a chance of winning against Aggro, then this might work for you. But I'd imagine it would still lose to a proper Trib or Ebonheart Slay deck. Would like to see some of the poorer choices cut out (like Mummify, Winterhold Illusionist) as well as a little bit of the top end (don't really need 2 Dawn's Wrath on top of 3 Rages) to make room for a better early game.
Winrate is inflated by small sample size. Deck is weak to Aggro and Assassin. DO NOT PLAY.
After trying this deck for a while, I'll have to agree with the other commenters who have said that it's too greedy. It is very common to wind up not having a single play by turn 5, and against aggro you're just already dead. It can deliver some truly spectacular wins that feel incredible and dominant, but the win rate hasn't been high for me. It's fun in casual!
Sardor77y 5 months ago
Terrible deck 10%WR
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