[Hall of Echos 1st place] Rage Hlaalu

By: Thuldir
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 24700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Mr colos 6 months ago
Would you add Ungolim to this deck?
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Thuldir 6 months ago
Good Deck.what is alternative for allena benoch and 3rd belligerent giant?
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Thuldir 6 months ago
You can play a Felldew instead of Allena (it is a reliable 2 for 1 and activates your Gambits/Crossbows as well).
A second Dushnikh could replace the Belligerent Giant.
Do you think this deck is better than Aggro Hlaalu?
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