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Posted: 3 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 15750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is the most current version of this deck. It has been inducing ragequits fairly frequently at the Legends level in the past few days and pretty much throughout it's build history.

We brought it BACK! Didn't think we would, but this is a more modern approach to the classic take. So picture this, Doomcrag Namira and Lethal Gambit met, f###ed, then we edited the embryonic DNA and just removed the Doomcrag from the equation. The final result is a miracle of life, completely suitable for emote trolling and pissing off everyone you meet.

Some tips:
- Don't blow your 1/1 Raiders. Use that to trigger Namira's Shrine or to damage ping one of their threats or big guards for a finisher follow-up. Cast Raiding Party early if you can for that next turn combo with ring and board control.
- Know when to break runes: You are not a Midrange.
- Learn how to count to three: Include Namira's Shrine in that number if played that turn.
- You are not a Prophecy deck, so mitigate damage when you can. Also, the deck contains a TON of control and instagibbing ability at your disposal, so you can get to the late game usually with ease.
- Don't Mulligan like a pleb. Ideal hands consist of low cost cards, so no opening hands with quicksilver crossbow, leaflurker, and anything that costs more than 4.
- Try to line up a Falenesti Reaver combo, cuz it's hilarious ~Rocket Raccoon
- Occupy both lanes if you can. Lane hopping be damned!
- Learn how to use Mundus Stone and drop it early if you can. For example, Nord Firebrand + Lethal, Skaven Pyromancer + lethal, and more... Also, to keep note. Mundus Stone is your only lifegain generation in the deck.
- Learn how to count cards and use your Mana wisely. Sometimes you might need to drop something you otherwise would not need to just to not overdraw, especially when you have 2-3 shrines out. It is okay, there's a Sovngarde in here. Be smart.

P.S. The Reaver is just in here for my personal pleasure, and can be subbed out for whatever you want.

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jennjenn 3 months ago
WOW. I just found this in new decks. You have a new subscriber this deck is amazing.
Nossa que deck Explêndido lembro que já usaram esse mesmo deck contra mim,agora eu joguei com ele e dominei a partida
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Bom ouvir!
Horus Rex 3 months ago
Rank #325 with this right now. Was rank 3 just a few days ago, thx
chatgris 2 months ago
Sorry for leaking the deck without permission
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all good.
I brief guide on how to play the deck? Never tried Archer before and honestly after about 20 games my track-record is not the best... 50% at best.
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I'll do just that. In fact, next time you log in you will see it.
I love this deck, Great Build!

Been playing this deck for the last 5 months... worst month i was Legend #688
RepoMan 2 months ago
Amazing! Winning every game. You are a fucking genius dude,
This is the first deck that I ever had that flowed perfectly. Everything in here is a cog that spins an engine of death. You are an amazing deckbuilder. Thank you for sharing.
You are welcome
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