Guildsworn Aggro (UPDATED)

By: XnefariousX
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (AllianceWar patch)
Crafting Cost: 18300crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This is a fun, easy to play aggro deck. 1/3 of the cards are prophecy, lots of draw/trade bait. I got sick of playing my Spirit Rate Aggro so played this instead and had similar success. Enjoy.


3 Cast Out removed (I keep going back and forth on this, the prophacy aspect of this card has won me games, and its useful to bounce the guard for the kill strike, however its gives up card advantage when played regularly, with lots of greed in current meta I feel like looking mid and late game it needed to go..)
3 Seducer removed (I love this card but I am not seeing many market decks in meta which is the #1 use of this card, I felt like I could get more value and synergies with other cards. May switch back if meta changes).
1 Lyris removed. I love this chick, but I found that 7/8 of the time I drew her, I wished I had another card... Just not very Synergistic in this deck.

3 Manic Jack!!! as if Crusader's Assault was not already a nasty card, to give a perm +1/+1 is pure joy when I pull it off. Also turns Battlemace into +5/+1 Ward!!
1 Varen losing the Cast Outs vs other aggro sucks, adding Varen is a great counter.
1 Ayrenn 5 cost 5/5 that pulls Rapid Shot, Crusader's Assault, Lightning Bolt, Piercing Javelin, or Raiding Party!! The only bad pull is Manic Mutation (has not happened yet...)
1 Merric the synergies with Nord Firebrand are game ending, if you draw Merric hold them and cash in your raiding party, turn 7 becomes a potential nightmare!
1 Ancano one of the best game enders...

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