Yellow Rimmen Token Crusader

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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 13550crystal
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Yellow Rimmen Token Crusader - Face is the place.

Yellow Crusader deck that wants to go wide, buff up the tokens and aims to win by turn 6. The deck can deal with multiple Ice Storms and rebuild quickly. With Divine Fervor, Resolute Ally and Mercenary Captain, there is plenty of buff available, allowing you to play around Ice Storm. An on-curve Ally is often played to field, the late-game Ally often buffs creatures hiding in the shadows to close out the game.

Eastmarch, Pit Lion, Dawnbreaker and Varen are hitting big.

With Housecarl on board breaking runes is so much fun. If you get Siege Weapon down, first, and have a wide board, Housecarl and Raider are must-answer threats for your opponent. This can often get your tokens two rounds of siege damage.

Keeps: Fifth Legion Trainer, Ulfric's Housecarl, Orc Clan Captain, Pit Lion + Token Generator or Ally + Token Generator. Varen or Dawnbreaker because they are unique. Divine Fervor.

Keeps depending on match-up: Penitus (against Guards & Lethals), Sharpshooter (against Drain), Varen (against Aggro)

Hope you enjoy the deck as much as I do. Suggestions to improve the deck are more than welcome.

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Joedor 5 months ago
This deck is filthy. Love it!
Have you faced any good control yet with this? I feel like it would get destroyed by a tribunal or Telvanni
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TESL. blog (H... 5 months ago
Sample size of 20 games is yet too small to judge. My current win rate in legends 1400-1800 is 65%. Win rate against control is the best so far and included games against Slay Ebonheart, Rage Guildsworn, Tribunal and Telvanni. Seems like I need to adjust it for Aggro and mid-range matchups. Was thinking to swap-in Raider and Initiate. Any advice welcome.
SFGamingChann... 5 months ago
cool deck.....i found waiting a few turns and not breaking that first rune until round 4 works like a charm.....they dont expect the burst and play out their hands :D Then BAM.....but like all dont get the dont win.....had some really embarrassingly bad draws couple times.....

EDIT: I wrote that after 4 wins in a row.....and then went 10 in a row straight into the dirt with it....bad draws and too many pilfer decks and aggros with amazing OTKs (from like 24 health) in round 5 on me with some of those new cards and always getting their master of thieves right on least 5 players had this work perfectly and i was 1 round away from killing all 5 of them.....much of the time i had a hand full of 4's or all 3 divines with nothing to play but a pit lion which wasnt playable either (literally happened to me 3 frickin times)....empty eastmarch crusader plays just to get ANYTHING on the board.....FBM

edit#2....18 games.....I still only won those first few....being shut down like a noob with this and I've been playing for nearly 6 years and am just not drawing.....opponents having perfect answers for everything and the cards i then do get to finally play are so small, they walk all over the deck thats left over. Really pissed right now actually and it's one of the reasons i love and hate this game.....I hate getting **cked by RNG because that has nothing to do with skills.....I am helpless to this "can't play until turn 4 with aggro decks" business 12 times in a row. I get 4 and 5 ...mulligan them away and get 4's and 5's again and then first draw is something that requires something special to fire.

It's not your deck......its RNG and my legendary bad card draw (I seriously rant about this a lot... I wish someone would film a 4 hour session so you can watch this im still in rank 2 not geting ANYWHERE after 12 days with top tier decks (not this one) expansion isnt helping me stuff but im still in the frickin snake

Gave the deck a thumbs up anyway :D
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Very sorry to hear that! It happens every now and then, best to take another deck or game mode and have some fun with something else.
Same for me with almost every deck. such weird RNG.
But my opponents RNG today even weirder. (~70% winrate for me on this deck. 1100-700 legend)
but this deck are not fun, almost like regular aggro :(
berjae12 5 months ago
Did the lack of support removal make it harder to win also: I feel like supports are going to become much more popular with MoE's pilfer emphasis.
I've been working on a similar deck with limited success. I'm not a great deck builder by any means, but I have 3 Camp supports as well (the card that deals 2 damage if a creature died at the end of your turn). I find having both pre and post turn reach damage is great if you can get it on board.

Most of my problems are similar to what others have written: lots of low power creatures just get destroyed and you're left with little to no board presence. I'm wondering if there is a better way to use the support in mid-range or control deck instead?
I hadn't played this game for about a year, but this feels like the tokens I remember. Great deck to get back into the game.
TESL. blog (H... 5 months ago
Replaced Cleric with Raider.
In three days, I have now climbed 924 legend ranks to finish in top 1,000 for June :)
Deck copes very well with Telvanni & Tribunal. Also created a short write-up with how I mulligan. I usually start to go face early on, instead of waiting until turn 4 (if your draw permits).
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Congrats mate!
Tacrielli 4 months ago
Nice deck! Looks super aggressive and fun. Is Rimmen necessary tho? Also, how often are you the defender? The curve almost appears on the mid range side. Could prob use a few more 2 drops
utroc123 4 months ago
7 mono red cards in the deck, 3 of them in my hand and i still manage to miss 2 resolute allies in a row. like what the fuck
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