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By: Dreaded_J-Thor
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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 29600crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
This dragon deck has done wonders for me. Currently sitting at 15/3 win/loss. Playing at Legend ranks.
It plays like a slow midrange/control deck. Winning around turn 13 after one of the big daddy dragons is dropped. Make sure to bait your opponents hard removal cards between turns 6-11 so they don't have any left for turn 11-13.

Even with a high win rate I believe this deck could still use some tweaking. Feel free to suggest edits.

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I think dragons work better as a control package. Replacing some of the early game with removal and board clears is a good idea. Daggerfall Mage, Ice Storm, Hive Defender, and Fell the Mighty are good replacements for some of the bad cards here. Also, Mulaamnir is the single best dragon in the game, and I'm astonished that you don't play him.
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All good opinions. I'll probably go with the Ice storms, as well as Mulaamnir. Considering cutting Paarthurnax since there are already a lot of high cost cards.
Dreaded_J-Tho... 6 months ago
Made the revisions by adding Mulaamnir and removing Parthanax.
Added the 3 ice storms. I found that daggerfall mage was too slow for this deck, as I never had enough magic for the tomes of alteration. Enough high cost cards to eat all the magika every turn.
czterysta dwa... 6 months ago
Do you think a tribunal version of this deck could work?

I crafted set of Reanimates and Skeletal Dragons like a fool and now have no idea what to do with them...
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Possibly? I'll try and craft one and see what happens.
Skeletal dragon is also playable in Skeleton decks, Which got a little bit of new support. But overall still isn't great.
czterysta dwa... 6 months ago
If you do, please, post your deck. I'm myself a terrible deckbuilder but I'd like to make a use of these cards.

BTW I really like this particular deck, that's why I ask if it can be make into Tribunal. But I'm not really sure if it could work since Tribunal has less ability to remove creatures and draw...

Skeletal Dragon seems extremely slow and I haven't been able to make a good use of it even once.
Tribunal didn't work, but here is my Redoragon deck. Working great so far. Great synergy with Skeletal dragon. I didn't have the reanimate, but you could swap out an ancient lookout for 1 reanimate.
Thank you!
I tried, but it definitely wasn't as good as the guildsworn version. It lacks without Red. I had alduin in my hand and couldn't play him until turn 15, which is far too slow.
I think your next best bet would be Redoran.
Red has the best options for dragons, it can squeeze in the skeletal dragons, and it has good draw power with blades look out, and crusaders assault. Plus it can run Kaalgruntiid, which is half the fun of this deck.
heyzert 6 months ago
Wow very good deck, didn't though guildsword would be a good bet for dragons.
thanks for sharing !
Jersh89 6 months ago
This deck is super fun and effective. I love the playstyle. I swapped out one Undying Dragon (the slowest card in the deck) for a Swiftwing which works just fine. Also swapped the Flamespear for a Revered Guardian which can help survive the early turns. I don't have Miraak but I assume he makes the deck even better. I'll be using this deck for a while.

The strategy seems to be to control the board early with lookouts, wards and Crusader's Assault, using your harpies to dictate trades. Against aggro you're probably going to want an Ice Storm by turn 6. For the midgame you want to develop a dragon each turn, they are huge threats which must be answered. This will start running your opponent out of cards. Once you have a decent board and your opponent is low on cards, you can start swinging for face and close out the game within a turn or two. So far I usually win before I ever have to play Kaal or Alduin.
Yeah Flamespear isn't that great, but I had to try him out since he is new. Only time he really pays off is when you have a Glacial dragon in board. Revered Guardian is a great alternative choice.
Yes Alduin often sits in hand, as by the time you are ready to play him, your board is loaded so you don't really want to. Although it is very satisfying when you do get to play him.
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heyzert 6 months ago
Alduin must be seen as a "red year" with destructive effect if left unanswered. extremely useful if you are being outcontroled by your opponent. must have in my opinion.
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