June #6, July #3, Aug #3 finish, mid telvani

By: gumchoo
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 27700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Edit#1: Finished #8 in September, in October, will have to try prankster mage!!!!, it should be a 2 for 1 card, which also gives icestorm insurance!!!!, -1 Moose (tempo>value), -1 temple conjurer (the other 5 drop) and -1 dog (have 3 more guards) to make room for it

Edit #2: Finished #3 in August as well
changes from july...... +1 temple conjurer, +1 Wilds incarnate, +1 Zumag phoom to replace a lightning bolt, sage and tazcad....
I tried sentinel reclaimer, discerning thief and razum dar in the list with disappointing results, next month's testing may include automatons to keep up with the nerfs.....

Edit#3 added gates tech with hatchery meddlers and alt velothi squish, squish can also be used with daggerfall mage to avoid execute to get a tome or with spirit or breakthrough for burst...remember dog can give a shadow gate guard to potentially combat kill as well.

This is my 6th straight month of top ten with mid telvani... the deck has seen 3-4 metas come and go, (tribunal/conscription meta, ebonhart/combo meta and the current mid-blue meta) and has not only survived by making some tech changes but has gotten stronger in the process... It however is an expensive deck, is experience dependant and requires the pilot to know when not to go face.....

Mighty conjuring is a 1 of in the deck as it can be pulled with sun in shadow, otherwise may have replaced it with something lower cost as we are the aggro vs. Decks that run 3 moose, alfiqs and conjurings, or dragons ...... you can never out grind them so after initial board control turn 4 onwards everything should go face... use negations, shadowfens and harpies very carefully vs them and hold them as long as possible for dealing with their 6+cost cards.....or breton....

And vs faster decks, like red aggro, monks, assassins , archers, control field then control shadow, guard up and 2 turn......

Toughest matches are control tribunal and mid blue off ring... otherwise favored vs. Most other deck types.....

Enjoy the deck... I sure do...

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gaf89 5 months ago
Thx a lot for sharing. Playing your decks and really like it.
Random question: what do you think about Apex Predator
Is it too weak/slow? Was almost sure it will find place in your mid telvanni/empire.
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gumchoo 5 months ago
maybe 1 off replacing a cliff racer just to test, but racers are immediate reach and impact, I wouldn't know what else to cut.... Dont want to change the curve either, other 5 drop is temple conjurer, which i am not too attached to, You can test and let me know.... :)
Dres Renegade is interesting
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gumchoo 5 months ago
I start missing a guard against aggro/races, if I cut one for another sage, also curves into sanctuary pet, has synergy with sun in shadow, wears sixth house amulet well to get a lane back, but now that winter grasp is not there, less shackle dependent control is seen and alfiq has guard, maybe cutting one for another sage or any other 4 drop maybe correct....
Kimirron 5 months ago
Today i hit legend with this deck (only used from range 1 to legend).
I added Tazkad because i love that guy but it´s a pretty solid deck, thx for sharing!
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gumchoo 5 months ago
Nice!, grats and thx for giving it a try.....
Great Deck! Nice to see more mid telvani

Only cards I don’t have are those 3 clan sorcerers :/any advice for alternatives?
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gumchoo 4 months ago
I like sorcerers because they can generate blood spells for additional value and in that sense are like daggerfall mage and turn 2 gambler that can outright win you the game vs. a lot of control, i usually trade 2 of my wounded creatures with one big guard or must kill threat and still get a blood spell.

That said Ash oppressor, Doomfang ally, or just put in the third traitor are reasonable replacements, I was actually running wrothgar artisan in the original version of the deck a few months ago and that was not bad either.
gumchoo 4 months ago
Actually if you cut thief's as well and fill 5 spots with 3 ash oppressors, traitor and 3rd amulet, you can compensate value with tempo
fiver49 4 months ago
Thoughts on adding Razum-Dar? Haven't tested him much yet myself but at first glance he seems to fit the list as a (admittedly somewhat expensive) charger with upside.
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gumchoo 4 months ago
I added him the day of the expansion, but every game he was drawn, just sat in the hand dead.... as there were better plays every single turn, so I got frustrated and cut em, maybe it was just bad luck, but I feel even moose maybe better which I dont run.....
utroc123 3 months ago
What do you think about including sentinel reclaimer? I think it fits the style of the deck perfectly. It gives low value cards to d iscard for cornerclub gambler, it gives burst in mid-late game if you have to race or just finish in general, it gives good value trade potential etc.
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gumchoo 3 months ago
You can try it, but honestly it represents 6/3 for 6 magika in non item synergy decks,..... This card will loose you the lane its played in on curve, off ring it's even worse.... Once you lose field it's gone forever,

3 spot is contested with daggerfall mage being the weakest in the deck at that spot....!!!!

I think crown quarter master, pawnbroker and mutation is enough gamble fodder as well.....

I maybe wrong so if you try it and it works out let me know.....
gumchoo 3 months ago
Actually if it goes in deck it replaces not a 3 drop but reach and be considered a 6 drop, so replaces bolt, or racer... which maybe interesting.... so you run it as a 1 or 2 off in place of bolt... as I like racers too much.... and they survive icestorm...

utroc123 3 months ago
gumchoo wrote:
Actually if it goes in deck it replaces not a 3 drop but reach and be considered a 6 drop, so replaces bolt, or racer... which maybe interesting.... so you run it as a 1 or 2 off in place of bolt... as I like racers too much.... and they survive icestorm...

I removed one aundea for one reclaimer because i dont have the third coppy yet, i am currently 10-3 in top 50 legend ladder with the deck, and reclaimer did exactly what i hoped it will. It helped me burst in some matches, with value trades in others and sometimes it was just a gambler target. Ofc its a bit weird that i was able to draw it so often already as a 1 off, but when i drew it it did its job. I never had to play it on curve anyway as this deck is full of 2 and 3 drops.

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gumchoo 3 months ago
Nice!!!! good to know.....
Very nice deck and really enjoyable to play! Thumbs up!
I had no idea how powerful Aundae is, and all those wards and 4-creatures really execute the enemies minions. I also like the Ash Oppressor, really helpful twords the end. I must say, when I started playing Legends 6 month ago I did not like playing Telvani, but now I must say - I really enjoy it and this deck certainly contributed! :-)

What's your WR with this deck?
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gumchoo 3 months ago
Telvani is my obsession. I have finished top #10 for last 5 months with this deck, with minor changes each month.... it is 70%+ win rate in top legend over 100's of games in multiple meta's. Very resilient. You do not have an auto-loss matchup with this deck ever!!!

Andae is my favorite card in the game....! She has won me more games from blood spells or by eating expensive removal than any other card in this game.... She is a 3 off in all my purple decks...
RegurKenaid 3 months ago
Great deck, how will it react to alfiq+luzrah nerf?
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gumchoo 3 months ago
in 75, I was rarely getting the combo anyways, luzrah was a just a bait for 4-5 cost removal or silence when played after turn 5.... 🙂, alfiq is bad cards against aggro mirrors even before the nerf, it is only for control and mid matches when you are ahead, where I think it is still fine but worse to icestorm ofcourse, which is usually the loose condition of the deck even before, but there is no better 6 cost replacement, that I can think of..... I was running 2 telvos and a nahagliv before, if I loose a lot maybe a consideration....
gumchoo 3 months ago
May potentially consider 3 automatons for 3 random 2 drops to try to make first alfiq better
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