Midgro Daggerfall

By: Radriar
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Posted: 4 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 24000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Reached legend 200 ish 2 months in a row with this deck.

Added Midnight Tresspasser and Prowl Smuggler from MoE to this list.

Has been going strong, biggest strengths of this deck are it's ability to burst and close out games. However if you fall behind or draw badly it is often impossible to come back.

Most games you can go straight face, play style is very simple.

Mulligan for 3/2 drops. You always want to mulligan your Moose's, Ancano, Emeric or Midnight Trespassers as they are useless until later in the game.

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Ptero1989 4 months ago
Seems like solid deck.
Rajivan 4 months ago
No Squish, no Rage - thanks for doing something red/purple not involving those cards!
Tacrielli 4 months ago
Very nice excited to try out! What are the difficult matchups? Any thoughts of changing? Also I have no Covenant King Emeric, is he necessary?
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Tacrielli 4 months ago
I see why Emeric is in now lol. Also... fork of horripilation, Cassius, and Barbus seem like possible inclusions, what do you think?
Radriar 4 months ago
Emeric is not necessary. It's just to make it a tri color deck.

Masterpiece is also acceptable - it has better synergy with Magic Jack and generally snowballs harder than Emeric.

Tacrielli 4 months ago
Also, how do you deal with token and hard control matchups? Got this to rank three but have alot of trouble with those.
Radriar 3 months ago
Tacrielli wrote:
Also, how do you deal with token and hard control matchups? Got this to rank three but have alot of trouble with those.

You need to out tempo them and get them within lethal range before there win conditions set in.

If they have board wipe spells then you want to mulligan for big monsters/ ward, if they have single target removal you want to mulligan for cards like mammoth.

Try to make favorable trades by using ward on cards.

I must admit I am may not be able to give the best advice and play mostly based by "feel".

But experience matters at the end of the day and sometimes you will get fked by RNG aswell.
utroc123 3 months ago
No alfiq, no rage in a deck that includes BM colours, you are such a unique snowflake my friend :D
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