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Posted: 6 months ago
Updated: 6 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 31900crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
A cousin to my Guildsworn dragons.
This deck is a full out control.
It typically wins against a guildsworn dragon deck.
Currently sitting at 10/3 with this deck, Fist game I wrecked a consecutive ranking top 10 player (Wont mention the name out of respect),

Redoran Forerunner is a surprise MVP.
Consume your own Forerunner for serious dragon shenanigans.
Once you have a forerunner in the graveyard, the combination of skeletal dragon and Soul Tear lets you charge/drain with some nasty damage.

Play it safe and don't break ruins until you have full control.
I didn't find the need for the reflective automaton, As it is usually a dead draw.

-1 Ancient Lookout
-1 Euraxia (Too many high cost cards)
-1 Blood Dragon
-1 Midnight snack (the card reduction never pays off for me)
+1 Barrow Stalker
+2 Tree Minder
+1 Clock Work Dragon (Better than blood dragon for keeping you alive early game)

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First game, first win!

I was playing vs aggro crusader and had the undisputable advantage of possessing magicka ring.

Turn five I ringed out 2 x Blades Lookout. This was the moment I knew I had it won.

Red generally seems very good for Dragon deck. Not only does it have best Lookout ever, it has all pings and such which are exceptionally good vs aggro decks (and it's cheap! And dragons are generally expensive). Plus its dragons look the best - on average they got much better stats distribution per magicka than other colours.

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Dreaded_J-Tho... 6 months ago
This deck does struggle slightly against agro if you draw too many high cost cards. Considering swapping 1 blood dragon for 1 clockwork, since clockwork is more defensive. Blood dragon really shines in Midrange. If I had a 3rd Undying dragon, that might be a good choice as well.
Callahan09 6 months ago
You mention Dark Rebirth as a significant piece in the write-up, but it isn't in the deck (and can't be, due to color)?

Edit: Probably referring to Soul Tear, right?
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Yep, I meant soul tear. Editing now.
czterysta dwa... 6 months ago
I've just logged in to tell you that I'm really having a blast with this deck. Yesterday I got from rank 5 to rank 2 in one playing session, I think I might try to go to rank 1 tomorrow, If things go as well as they did, it should be a fast climb for one or a few hours.

5 and 4 were easy mode, I got about 2 loses per 10 wins, I might include a screenshot. 3 was much harder I think I got about 60-70% winratio at rank 3 specific.

Suspiciously casual queue was a bad experience. 50%/50% w/l at best. There are actually mor tier 1 decks and tryhards at casual + I guess it's also that meta at rank 5-3 was slower which gave me time to well win.

BTW I'v included Reincarnate 2x (cut to 1x). Its' a fun card but it's a win more usually (or lose more xd). I think you should try it though, it's fun and lets you resummon 11-12 magicka wincons in one turn so it's actually cheaper than soul tear *sometimes*. I usually soul tear red Lookout or or buffed forerunner, sometimes Galyn.

My final match which got me to rank 2 was really exciting. It was vs Tribunal police that we all love to hate. He got all the fun stuff - Thieves Guild Shadowfoot, Cast into Time, O. Necromancers, harpies, mummifies, the creature card that mummifies, etc. And he was lucky with cards that he draw from his deck. Sadly for him, he had no wincon really, he hoped he could draw one from my deck but he did not. One Paarthurnax could make things desperate for me.

Funny thing, I played vs two players at rank Legendary +/- 200 and 100. They both started to rope after some time - that is when I stabilized.

Biggest weakness of this deck: it got pretty expensive magicka curve, vs aggro deck with a magicka ring if I don't draw 2 or 3 magicka card fist turns OR hit a free Prophecy, I'm dead. Which - because of the curve - does happen often (this kind of lose). It's a bit greedy deck but without the cheap crap cards that are only good vs aggro we have a deck full of impactful cards many of which are pretty much wincons or enable a comeback if lhealth points aren't already obliterated.

I think I need to follow your changes, especially the inclusion of barrow stalker. 2/3 is 100% better than 2/2 and it comes with that good lttle drain.

Sorry for the wall of text :D

PS I was afrad of playing high rank but after seeing that legendary players make easy mistakes and following my cheap baits I'm much more confident to play ranked. This is a very good deck, maybe a blackhorse and I'm happy It got only 2 upvotes (one from me!) because it's not popular at all. I'm happy not to play mirror matches vs this beast of a dragon!
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czterysta dwa... 6 months ago this is rank 5 and 4 performance with this deck exclusively played.
Thanks for showing sooooo much love!

It's probably my favorite deck to play with right now.
I also had a similar win rate at 66%. Not the highest win rate, but still over 50% and hella fun.
czterysta dwadziescia wrote: this is rank 5 and 4 performance with this deck exclusively played.

Were you playing yesterday before or after the changes were submitted to the deck? If you played the un-changed version, what do you think of the changes, would you recommend making those changes as well, or do you think the deck was fine before?
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I've played before the changes. I think + Barrow Stalker is a very good idea, I'm not sure about the rest. They look a bit questionable for me but I need to try them first. For example I love Blood Dragon because he is kinda overstatted and I can hide it in Shadow Lane and still target whatever I want, ignoring guards, wards or lethal. If not behind he is really good turn 4 ringed or turn 5 normal play, easy 2 for 1 trades.
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