Mana Curve

0 6 12 8 11 3 5 5

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Ward 11
Guard 10
Prophecy 6
Exalt 3
Breakthrough 3
Wax 1
Wane 1
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Slay 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Lethal 0
Drain 0
Charge 0
Betray 0
Invade 0
Last Gasp 0
Pilfer 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0


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Alfiq Mid-BM - 82% WR

By: TheCpanda
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 4 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 22750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Doing wonders on the ladder.

Deck Overview:

Mid-BM is my favorite archetype. I love that the gameplay is varied. Sometimes you are aggro and sometimes you are playing defensively and setting up a 1-2 turn lethal. Mastering Mid-BM is all about knowing when to be aggro, or defensive.

This deck is a little more aggressive than previous variants of Mid-BM. Alfiq Conjurer brings a ton of tempo to back it up.

Fight for the board in most cases. There are a lot of great ways to handle trading efficiently while you move towards your bigger threats.

Card Overview:

Crown Quartermaster - Amazing opener. I always keep it in starting hands. Trades with most 2-drops and the dagger can be used to activate Mighty Conjuring, or Ash Berserkers. I included 3 because I just can't get over how great of an opener this is and it has some use in late game for activating/reach.

Rapid Shot - I love this card. Helps with trades, cycles, and activates Breton Conjurer, or Daggerfall Mage. Lots of use in this deck.

Luzrah gro-Shar - This card is average. It can pull off extremely powerful combos with Alfiq Conjurer, but it is sort of a dead draw early on. It can be substituted if you aren't satisfied with it.

Seyda Neen Courier - Great synergy card. Helps trick trades, activate Mighty Conjuring and Ash Berserker, and also provides reach.

Shrieking Harpy - Staple blue 2-drop. Prophecy and shackle very useful.

Temple Conjurer - Fantastic pseudo 5-drop. Great tempo for 5 magicka and sets up Alfiq.

Wardcrafter - One of the best 2-drops in the game. Too much potential use to describe. You all know this card at this point.

Cunning Ally - Triggers at a high base rate. Really strong 3-drop. Decent stats for generating a Firebolt. Helps a lot to fight for early board control. Firebolt can also be used to trigger Breton Conjurer, or Daggerfall Mage.

Daggerfall Mage - This card is okay in this deck. It is a little slow for tempo, but can help with the low card draw in the deck. Could be substituted for something else.

Skaven Pyromancer - Great for mopping up lanes, or activating Breton Conjurer and Daggerfall Mage. Have to be careful as this deck has a lot of 1 health creatures.

Ash Berserker - Draw engine in this deck. Lots of 5+ power creatures to trigger this guy. Card draw in this deck is very low as you get most of your cards from rune breaks, so this brings some reprieve.

Breton Conjurer - Fun Mid-BM card. Decent ways to trigger it when you drop it down and also quite a few ways to get multiple Frost Atronach out of one Conjurer. Great setup for Alfiq Conjurer as well. Sometimes I keep one in my starting hand if I have the ring. People will sometimes blow their removal on the Frost Atronach, which you then follow up with Alfiq and Storm Atronach. Crazy OP.

Goutfang Adept - Experimenting with this one, but so far it seems underwhelming. Might help a little with draw, but I don't enjoy the wax/wane being dependent on what turn you are on.

Lightning Bolt - Great for reach, but I usually end up using them defensively more. Prophecy Bolt always feels good to get. I believe your skillful use of Lightning Bolts can make or break a lot of games.

Sentinel Battlemace - Strong class card. Great synergy for reactivating Breton Conjurers. Amazing for tricking trades and for rune skipping reach.

Blood Dragon - Really powerful 5-drop. Great board controller. Sometimes it can be tricky to throw down when you're on the defensive.

Abnur Tharn - Useful stats combined with an amazing summon effect. This guy can cause a lot of pain for your opponent. Lots of useful summons in this deck to copy, but pay attention to what you opponent has too. Sometimes it sits dead in hand, though. Copying Alfiq Conjurer is insane.

Alfiq Conjurer - The new flagship blue 6-drop. This guy is nuts. Even without the Storm Atronach activation, which is pretty easy to trigger, he is a force that will need to be dealt with. Insane tempo.

Syl, Duchess of Dementia - This card is okay. It presents a timer for your opponent in most cases. This deck has a lot of high power creatures to win the lane proc. Not always useable, though. Sometimes you have to play defensive with Mid-BM and Syl doesn't help with that. This can be substituted.

Belligerent Giant - Amazing disruption against your opponent. Fantastic in mirror matches. Sending back a high cost creature can totally mess up your opponents plans.

Mighty Conjuring - Powerful 7-drop. Rarely will you not be able to activate this. Super strong defensive and offensive tool. Rough when it is removed when you need to rely on it.

Ancano - Standard blue reach. Great for fighting for board too.


Vigilant Ancestor - Pretty decent defensive card. You'll get hit in the face a lot with this deck and this guy helps prevent some of that with the bonus of activating Ash Berserkers and Mighty Conjuring. People sometimes ignore it, which helps with activation as well.

Sword of the Inferno - This card is pretty decent, but it could be substituted for something else. It helps activate Mighty Conjuring and Ash Berserker, triggers Breton Conjurer and helps fight for the board.

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This is an awesome build and very nice and excessive guide! Tyvm!
I've always had a place in my heart for Mid-range BM.
This is a great new version.

Might wanna edit the description a little bit, as there are several cards in there that it looks like you have removed from the build.
1 Reply
TheCpanda 4 months ago
Thanks man, I updated the additional cards into the OP.
Liontribe 4 months ago
I just won 8 games in a row with this deck. I haven't played on a ladder this season, so I've smoothly passed from 5 to 4. I made only one change - removed Mighty Conjuring, which I simply do not have for Merric-at-Aswala, who won me first three games. You wrote, that Luzrah gro-Shar is average, but it performed well for me. I will keep it for now. Thanks for this deck! It represents my style of play and of thinking. I was fed up with top15 legends decks (telvani by gumchoo and dagoth by DangerZoneee). Now I'm free to play and satisfied. Going back to my normal ranks. ;)
Mondkalb 4 months ago
Hi nice deck ill try it. Lets see how far will it take me. Just one question. Wouldnt be Dushnikh a better choice then Ash Berserker?
Nice deck! I’m playing it now using 1 Conjuration Tutor instead of Syl Duchess of Dementia.
utroc123 4 months ago
I am crushing (most) other mid game decks (dagoth alfiq/wax & wane etc) and tribunal decks. HOWEVER i am getting shit on by pure face aggro decks. Orc warrior & Prophecy BM seem unwinnable with this deck, the new token crusador is winneable if i draw a skaven pyromancer (which didnt happen once but thats just real bad luck i guess)

Any suggestions what i could swap against aggro? I thought about ice storm instead of syl but it would hurt tribunal matchup real bad. Thanks in advance
I swapped out daggerfall mage for unstable madman and so far hes done pretty well. He won me 3 games on his own for the most part. With the items in this deck, its very easy to proc his +2/+2.
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