#14 legend rage dagoth

By: DangerZoneee
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 4 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 29000crystal
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New set new dagoth ! I wont betray my favorite class.
Went from rank 2 to #14 in one day with a 30-6 run (not even close to be as good as thuldir's run :( ) and i definitly feel like the deck is good enough to go further.


match history

match history

match history

Enjoy and be welcome to ask anithing !


Update :

- 2 firebolt
- 1 belligerant giant
- 2 mighty conjuring
+ 3 crown quartermaster
+ 2 wild incarnate

I'm now quite satisfied with the list. It's doing really good for me in top 20 legend. Planning to push further by the end of the month and it really feels like the deck can do it.

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Congrats! Looks like an awesome deck!
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Thank you I appreciate! :)
Looks like a good deck, Dagoth is still my go to deck for ladder. Here is my question. With so many big bodied creature (including alifiq summons) would it not be worth trying to squeeze in some low cost breakthrough items for rage breakthrough clearances? Why did you decide against them?

I'm not questioning your choice, just trying to learn why there isn't any in here to improve my own deck building skills.
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DangerZoneee 5 months ago
I've been trying many version of this and it just felt like without many big bodies ur chances of winning non-aggro match up are based on gambler being removed or not. I used to play ornamented sword and moose instead of mighty conjuring (and -1 giant) and it felt akward. Did not had enough draw to make good use of the sword and lost many times 1 or 2 runes before moose.
Im still not completly satisfied with the list so im open to suggestions. Im trying crown master instead of firebolt for gambler downside.
I will keep updating the list depending on the result. :)
Very nice. I've been playing Mid-BM, but I like Dagoth a bit more, simply because hand of dagoth, and drain.

What are your typical combos with the ring of mentor, hand of dagoth?
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So do I, and the lane change green also allow. This might not be correct but I've been playing BM to compare and I just prefer dagoth.

Typically it's snake tooth on a creature into mentor's ring to give drain to your whole board. Other options with mentors ring are obviously natural drain target (brynjolf being the best target since it basically means u have a free turn) or a warded creature to able free trades and give ward back to conjurer and daggerfall.
Snake tooth is also good on its own or as combo piece with rage. This is also the best tool to win a race.
Hope I've answered your question :)
Fallantir 4 months ago
First of all, thanks for the list! I’ve been having a lot of success with it so far. Just wondering why you put in crownmaster. Don’t think it’s for early pressure, right? Also, mighty conjuring worked great for me so far. Have the wild incarnates outperformed them? Thanks for your insight!!
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DangerZoneee 4 months ago
Glad to hear that!
I just couldn't find a replacement for gambler. Needed both the draw and a 3 drop and crowmaster synergies so well with gambler. Replacement for crowmaster used to be firebolt, but crownmaster also does good job against aggro allowing to be first on field lane and is better against control/mid-range for gambler reason.
About mighty conjuring my thinking was very simple. It's obviously not good in aggro match up, and it just get jav/edict against control. Incarnate having lower stat doesn't matter in aggro match up(since it's up to them having silence or not, an 8-8 or a 5-6 isn't a big difference) and against control the draw is much more valuable than an 8-8 body.
Also they work together. As you said I don't use crowmaster for early pressure against control/mid-range but for early control of the board which allow you to keep your runes up for incarnate.
Fallantir 4 months ago
Thanks, I’ll give those changes a shot tonight :)
Can i replace Alfiq Conjurer with something else?
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Hm not gonna lie that would be awkward. Alfiq is the reason why this deck was made that way. Not saying there is no alfiq-less dagoth decks but this one is very much build around
utroc123 4 months ago
As the OP already said, if you dont have alfiq conjurer (which is perfectly fine) you should look out for another version. If you dont have him, the whole atronach package (breton conjurer in particular) is completly useless or at least not nearly as good as it is right now
Koravel 4 months ago
Danger I love your decks, man, but I have to ask this: Why is Abnur Tharn not in this deck?

Also, no lightning bolts?
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DangerZoneee 4 months ago
Hi mate sorry for the wait ! Been away for some days.
The only reason why there is no abnur is because you already have a good amount of situational cards (snake tooth, mentors ring etc). With abnur on top of that i ended up having weird hands too much playing abnur for a ping or a ward or just a body and it felt really bad. But it's just personal taste. I personaly prefer to run abnur in decks that usualy play with 8-10 cards in hand so you have a lot of options for him.

About the bolt it's just meta change that you should adapt depending of what you face. I face mirror a lot (by mirror i mean mid bm), so i swap bolt for fell the mighty. it's up to you !
utroc123 4 months ago
Nice deck, i removed the 2 giants (because i dont have them) with 1 mighty conjuring and abnur. Abnur has just too many good targets even if you have a empty board you can get some serious stuff from your opponent, i dont know why you would ever not play him.
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DangerZoneee 4 months ago
thanks for the feedback ! Well it's personal taste i'm just not a big fan of abnur ;). + some explanations up there !
utroc123 4 months ago
DangerZoneee wrote:
thanks for the feedback ! Well it's personal taste i'm just not a big fan of abnur ;). + some explanations up there !
What do you think about the new monthly reward? It seems kinda good, gives necesary burst if you need it for rage/drain or just trades, gives good gambler target etc etc. Seems perfect for this deck, but i dont know what to cut out for it.
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DangerZoneee 4 months ago
Did not had time to test yet but it does seem interesting indeed! I think I would add the blue 3 cost kaajit that draw when pilfer to discard items, run the new monthly and take out some draw cards having them as main draw mechanics. Have to try, will come back to you then!
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