Lethal Rapid-Shot Archer

By: blacksoftmage
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 5 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 12350crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

First part of game is goal to make favorable trades using the full value of each card (will be explained below). With making favorable trades and utilizing the deck's drawing power, your goal should be to ensure that you have more answers in-hand than the opposition. Over time for the first half of the game, attack face when you have more pieces in play than opponent. Your job is to clear board before attacking face. Each turn, once opponent is putting down pieces, you should be playing an answer. I have waited 4 full turns before playing since opponent refused to play and I only had answers in hand. (Always play a Thieves guild recruit and Listener)

Second half of game (when your opponent has two or less cards in hand) is bringing out any of these set pieces:
Moonlight Werebat - when below in health (unless needed to pull him out before) - can play with rage in hand
Murkwater Shaman - want it to stay out more than a turn if you can to obtain more answer cards
Child - can play with Rage in hand
Burglar - can play with rage in-hand, shadow shift, or archer's gambit
Forge - Play forge when tempo slows
Journey - play when you either have nothing else to play on turn (obviously in after midgame or better in lategame) - or wait towards endgame against control.

Also, you always play from least threat to greatest threat to draw out the opponent's cards. For example, late game I had werebat, child, burglar, and rage in hand. The opponent had upper hand in shadow lane and my health was down.

I played werebat first - it was killed.
I played burglar - it was killed

but when I played Child - which was my winning card and I had full lane in shadow lane of low threat pieces, he was now safe - next turn, I am down to 6 health, but play rage killed 7 creatures and obtained the win.

Card choice:

Rapid shot - should most always be played against a card draw and when allowing a kill or popping a ward
Shadow shift - should always be played to make a kill - better used with lethal taking out a big threat
Sharpshooter scout - keep in hand to use for pings
Thief guild recruit - should always be played in non-shadow land to claim that space in beginning of game. Many times can make a value trade since next turn may be able to give it lethal or use -1 values to bring health to 1 and attack with recruit.
Murkwater Witch - excellent 1 ping especially against wards and or pilfering creatures or forcing a 1-1 trade on following turn. Excellent when combo with Dragon.
Fighter guild recruit - excellent use to claim non-shadow lane as are all lethal creatures. Do not want to trade against low threat creatures. Actually best use for this is to play when opponent hand is short just after they play a large threat. Its value is many times wasted in first few turns of game when opponent has answers to your board.
Archer's Gambit - always use to get double kill or passing guard to hit face, otherwise wasting the movement advantage of this card.
Astrid - play when you already have lethal on board setup for kill otherwise most likely lose his added value. In the deck to pull out forge or fury earlier (if needed) or allow more flexibility in playing answers to board control
Dragongaurd Outcast - lethal to play in non-shadow lane for cover in order to make favorable kill next turn
Morkul Gatekeeper - Awesome guard since allows you to make favorable trades. Many times I got out Murkwater witch turn 2 (with ping) in non-shadow lane tricking opponent to play in same lane turn three a creature to kill it, when your turn (on 3) bring out Gatekeeper boosting the witch for the trade. Also excellent to use on drain creatures and setting up Rage kills for more reach. Also, buffs your 4 Power creatures to 6 to bypass the last gem break.
Quicksilver crossbow - best value for card is pinging with lethal threat/guard and giving pet a +3 health rating so can make a favorable trade where can still be left on board after with either 1 or 2 health left on pet. Obviously, good with Child if Child given lethal as well as on Burglar for its increase in stats before attacking face. (same with archer's gambit)
Sanctuary Pet - best playing shadow lane against big threats/pilfers..etc.
Skooma Racketeer - Awesome to play for non lethal creatures such as scouts and fighter recruit for sneak attack lethal's against big guards/threats.
Leaflurker - Plays like skooma - use low threat creatures to wound big threats and go for the kill. Can also use scout to damage in shadow lane and use Lurker for kill...etc
Dushnikh Archer - hold in hand for support hate or when needed, ping kills or wards.

This deck will play hardest against:

-committed charge decks since this is an answer deck and damage would already be done with charge cards.
-wards decks - making favorable trades become much harder, deck draw is the answer to this, however since there are a good amount of non-lethal pings here

Keep in mind however, Journey and Rage and Forge can allow big shifts in momentum.

Healing with Rage can truly allow you to survive when all else seems lost.

(You can likely tell that game is going sour if and when you are being prevented from making favorable trades. Whether opponent already has 3+ creature board presence and you have none or whether for whatever reason your set pieces on the board are dying without making a kill per creature. And obviously, you can truly tell this when they have board presence and your hand comes up empty.

You either try to rethink how you are approaching your card play or you truly played against either a perfect deck/draw match that outpaces the archer deck or a fully optimized legendary deck where your average one and half average answer per card play is outpaced by theirs)


Why no curses - you have dragon?

I would rather a body on the field instead. I already have enough 1 pings. It is a use and lose and does not always make a kill. There is no flexibility such would have with archer's gambit or shadow shift. Also, this was why I put the shaman in the deck - the value of a 3/3 that can forever can draw curses is much better. If nothing else, opponent wasted a lightening bolt to kill it since my deck strategy does not revolve around the shaman.

Why not take out Journey, forge, Child, and Rage for high power charge creatures since can most likely finish out the game with those? Since those are faster paced creatures.

Yes, that is a reasonable strategy, but I feel I went the more cautious route.

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