Aggro Support Hlaalu (Legend Top50 Early Season)

By: r4d1cAL
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Posted: 3 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 28550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I really, really felt in love with the new Rimmen support card and tried any possible variation with it. Now, I think I've found the best home for it, if u r up for a tri color deck.
This whole built is very similar to my Crusader list but features some cheeky stuff a 75 card pool can justify.
Key Cards are obviously your supports, honorably mentioned Camp and Rimmen which go so well with each other. Hlaalu also can run a Manor or two regardless, cuz u reduce it's cost pretty likely and u play it more on a midlate turn, but I think it's the one card that can be also cut most likely.
Anything else is a pretty standard Aggro Hlaalu list, u got your Traitors, Tokens, Cultists and so on.
I also tried to focus more on the draw package with Shift and Rapid Shot rather than having more 1-2 drop minions.
While u have stickyness provide by the willpower cards it is very easy to establish a huge board to go nuts with your Rimmen :)
MVP Card is surprisingly Dagi-Rath. It gets you instantly ANOTHER support BEFORE you attack if u have a Rimmen on board. This catto carried some games at it's own, not kidding. U can propably consider to run another one, just for fun.
My tip: try this with thieves den instead of Manor and try to go on a Midrange Thief deck, it might be even more busted but I have to try that for my own still.
So far, enjoy
xoxo r4d1cAL

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