Mana Curve

2 0 9 15 7 6 3 8

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Guard 6
Slay 4
Last Gasp 3
Prophecy 3
Lethal 3
Breakthrough 2
Betray 0
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Wane 0
Wax 0
Rally 0
Exalt 0
Charge 0
Drain 0
Assemble 0
Pilfer 0
Plot 0
Invade 0


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By: acampbell11
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Posted: 5 months ago
Updated: 4 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 20500crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Feel just like Trogdor, The Burninator. Burnin' all the peasants.

W/L Image

Deck Type: Midrange-Control, Longrange
Deck Theme: Dragon Ping
Strengths VS: Card Value, Midrange, High Tempo
Weaknesses VS: Direct Damage, Control, Supports
The Goals

- Survive the early onslaught with cards like Midnight Snack, Finish Off, Sanctuary Pet, Earthbone Spinner and Leaflurker, while using other Anti-Aggro cards like Curse, Skaven Pyromancer and Tiny Dragon.

NOTE: You will not always win vs pure aggro decks. 50/50 IF you play smart.

- Drop the pain as early as turn 3 with ring. A 4 drop Flamespear Dragon usually secures the board early, Especially with a Lookout (either flavor) dropped a turn earlier.
- Play as agressively as you feel you can afford to be. You have mid-late game stability with plenty of lifegain, board clear, and if he runs low on cards trying to contest, you have some REAL big finishers.
- The end goal normally means he plays out his hand trying to stop the onslaught. Then you hit him with nasty things like Mulaamnir, Odahviing, Paarthurnax and Alduin.
- Expect to win most trades and have a MUCH better card per card efficiency level than your opponent. I have seen 20 card graveyards stacked against my 8.
The Mulligans


- Curse
- Blood Dragon (Unless you have ring and a good T2 and T3 Drop. - EX: Midnight Snack and Blades Lookout, or a Sanctuary Pet)
- Leaflurker
- Anything 6 cost +


- Midnight Snack
- Tiny Dragon
- Blades Lookout
- Crushing Blow
- Sanctuary Pet
- Skaven Pyromancer
- Earthbone Spinner (With Ring)
- Flamespear Dragon
- Serpentine Stalker
The Card Breakdown

Curse - This card has value to synergize with Shearpoint Dragon and anything in the deck that can instagib a wounded creature. There are only 2 as they can lead to dead draws.
Finish Off - Expect to do a lot of trading early game. For the trades that you cannot win vs a particularly nasty threat, this card can even the scales. Also great for a late game finisher to open up a lane to do that final damage. Cards like Flamespear Dragon will set you up to make clutch plays with cards like this often. Remember, this isn't your only finish off card. The Falenesti Reavers and Leaflurkers do the same thing, but build your board at the same time, for a higher cast cost. All the while, cards like Tiny Dragon, Curse, Skaven Pyromancer and Shearpoint Dragon will set you up to play it.
Midnight Snack - Not just in here for the theme. Can reduce the cost of a Flamespear Dragon or Serpentine Stalker early vs fast temp decks all while presenting a nice 2/2 Guard for the purposes of drawing an early WOUND.
Tiny Dragon - VERY core to the deck. Not only is it a 2 cost Dragon (presenting an easy proc with either Lookout card), it synergizes harmoniously with cards like Finish Off, Leaflurker, Wildfire Dragon and Falinesti Reaver
Blades Lookout - Best early game draw for Tempo, hands down, IF you can dig up a low cost dragon. Creates a 3/3 THREAT that your opponent thinks he MUST remove before he loses card dominance. Try to drop this mid-late game in tandem with something big. Never a bad draw. I usually try to have 1 on my board at any given time so I can turn the tides of war.
Crushing Blow - Can be used early for defensive purposes, or saved for that late-game finisher aide. Fairly self explanatory.
Sanctuary Pet - Purely for defense. Does not synergize with the rest of the deck but the stopping power + next turn lethal combination cannot be ignored. Can be clutch late game as well. Normally I use this card early to both slow incoming damage AND force his removal. Better he plays that on my pet than on something else.
Skaven Pyromancer - Pings down a whole lane. The problem is, it isn't a Dragon and it hurts your own creatures. While it still synergizes beautifully with cards like Finish Off, Leaflurker and Falinesti Reaver, it can also be used (along with the Tiny Dragon) to set your board up for an EPIC late game Wildfire Dragon drop, while eliminating or damaging your board in a limited way.
Woodland Lookout - I have won many games by dropping one or two of these early and getting to like 38 health. I win early trades with them and they present a clear threat to my opponent. Meanwhile he is at 12 HP and is starting to come back. That early HP I gained is now gone while my opponent drops his threats, just in time for me to next drop mine and stay out of lethal range to get the W.
Earthbone Spinner - This deck requires a Silence card. It is key to survival and builds your board at the same time. This card is always useful on curve, and sometimes required.
Flamespear Dragon - The perfect 3 drop (with ring) or 4 drop (without ring). Cannot be simply bolted. Even if silenced, it is a 4/5. not to mention a Dragon too. Have fun proccing your Blades Lookout with this early. Pure Evil. EACH TURN this card smacks the last creature your opponent just played. Perfect synergy with Finish Off, Leaflurker and Falinesti Reaver
Serpentine Stalker - We included 1 copy of this card to synergize with the Lookout cards early, especially if you get the Ring and NO Flamespear Dragon. It functions foremost as a backup, with the added benefit of moving and taking out a threat, or a non-threat and then growing big. If it gets big, it forces removal on it. And we don't care.
Blood Dragon - Purely in here for board stability. An early-mid drop of this card can mean a total rework of your opponent's strategy, unless he is playing aggro, in which case this card is only mildly annoying. Late game, it can mean DEATH for your opponent, as you can simply bypass his Guards or kill a threat in another lane.
Leaflurker - A 4/3 Finish Off in a deck that specializes in finishing things off and taking the board like the alpha male you are.
Shearpoint Dragon - Synergizes less now after the removal of Murkwater Witch, but that card wasn't that brilliant in here now anyways. You have Curse in here to further expand it's reach and it creates the WOUND needed to Finish Off, Crushing Blow, or Leaflurker in a pinch.
Wildfire Dragon - We included 2 copies of this card due to it being somewhat situational. I have found many times that I can drop this card comfortably kiling enough of the board to maintain myself well out of lethal range. while growing something really nasty. This forces my opponent to play removal, or in some cases, ultimately die as a result. Wonderful against the many token decks right now on the ladder. And they are a plenty.
Falenesti Reaver - Out of dragons? See a full enemy lane, all WOUNDED, on curve? Well these two things can happen often. That is why we have Mr. Falinesti to save the day. So easy to set up for the bomb in here. ALLURBASEAREBELONGTOUS. And next turn he WILL waste his removal on it. Better it be on the Reaver, right?
Mulamniir - Absolutely turn around board dominance in your favor, or if you already have it, troll him with this card. Either way it is a Dragon, and it is a MAJOR pain in the ass.
Odahviing - Clearing the board can be fun.
Paarthurnax - This card is not just in here because it is a high cost Dragon. The SHOUTS that you draw serve to build your board, like the 3/3. gain life then take his creature out or wound it for a set up play, straight up gank something small or wound something else. The possibilities are great. Let's not forget about Soul Tear.
Alduin - Ouchies.
As always, smash like and leave your salt in the comments section.

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chatgris 5 months ago
Horus Rex 4 months ago
Falenesti Reaver sure is a good time.
acampbell11 4 months ago
Removed Clockwork Dragon
Added Blood Dragon

Removed 3 Murkwater Witch
Added 3 Crushing Blow
Hey, what would you replace Serpentine Stalker with?
1 Reply
Dushnik Yal Archer
acampbell11 wrote:
Dushnik Yal Archer
Thanks, I'll give it a try!
I would also test with the following:
-1 Falenesti Reaver (def keep at least 1. v good in here)
+1 Serpentine Stalker (Great 4 drop to proc a lookout of either variety)
jennjenn 4 months ago
Fun theme but not half as good as the one you just posted
This deck is sexy as @#%*

Gregoire 4 months ago
no berseker of the pale?
1 Reply
IRL OTK Get S... 4 months ago
A 4/3 for 3 is not bad, given all the other options. It procs with 11 other cards so it could give lethal, which makes it a viable test option.

If you want to add them, remove the Crushing Blow.
acampbell11 4 months ago
I can say no to this one, because it was part of my playtest.

The higher rank I get with this, the easier it gets. Currently rank 2, and trolling
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