Mana Curve

0 6 12 13 12 5 0 2

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Guard 12
Prophecy 8
Drain 5
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Slay 0
Wane 0
Wax 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Ward 0
Pilfer 0
Charge 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Last Gasp 0
Assemble 0
Lethal 0
Plot 0


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Consume Spellsword (UPDATE)

By: r4d1cAL
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 19100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Although this is a full-theme deck, it is absolute playable in ranked. The consume cards both support the token as well the more midrange archetype of Spellsword, so this is a hybrid in between. U got your essentials like Fith Legion and Bruma, Cloudrest and Dawnbreaker. As this shuts down any aggro deck quiet easily, it has struggle against heavy mid 7 ctrl decks, especially with blue support. If the meta continues to be on those decks, this built will have a rough time :/ Atm it works pretty well tho, so u might give it a shot while the chance is there!
xoxo, r4d1cAL

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