Unite the Houses Dominion (13-0, #81 legend)

By: Petamax
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 29800crystal
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i just figure out that several blue cards generate 1/1 purple skeleton, which inspired me to create this deck.

Things to keep in mind:

-As you can see, deck is really midrange, full of value creatures that keeps generating resources. Dont play this deck as a otk deck, it is better as a midrange with a otk finisher just in case.

-If you are facing control, dont play 100% defensive. Even if mostly of the time you will try to win by unite, it is better to threat his face, forcing you opponent to develop defensive tools to deal with your board, that way you will win extra turns for finding all the pieces.

-I am still testing the deck, so some cards are here even if i know they are not good, and the deck has a large space for improving. Things like barter, or thief of dreams are here mostly because is really fun to play it.

Edit: change some fun stuffs like barter for better things. 33-6 so far.

Edit2: Surprise!!! After winning so many matches just by dropping creatures that keeps generating cards and winning by outvalue and board control, i remove all the unite package, and of course, it turn out that the deck get better without the unite.
With full midrange i am going 19-1, #18 legend.

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Petamax 2 months ago
Hope you have fun with the deck.
Of course this is not a 100% winrate deck, i found opponents with suboptimal decks,
and the deck is just for fun.
Thought about razum dar?
I mean it's a good burst (although bit expensive) and serves both as midrange reach and unite tool
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Petamax 2 months ago
i dont know, for running something that will make me lose tempo i prefer to include Laneeth

But even Laneeth is kinda risky, you shouldnt be able to affort to waste an entire turn unless again control.

But, in a control meta, or making the deck specifically for beating late game decks, i think is a fine addition, although you already run blackmail and Riften Pickpocket, and you pretty much only need to find a red card.
Vladi 2 months ago
well ... 0 wins. OK.
You made a very well constructed deck. +1
Azelios 2 months ago
If I may ask, what are the latest modifications that made it full midrange without Unite and even better?
che4p 2 months ago
Magic Players would call this Deck a Pile
Doreo 2 months ago
Looks like a fun deck! Can you comment more on what's the Unite Package and stuff you dropped? I don't have any Unites so if you made a fun deck without it and other cards I would love hearing what you removed :D
I too would like to know what the deck looks like after you dropped the Unite package?
Hello... thanks for sharing this deck. If you remove the Unite package to make the deck « full midrange » which news cards have you put into ?
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