Dagoth 'Falling Wizard' Combo

By: Dorkpork
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 31700crystal
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This deck utilizes powerful card draw and buff effects to setup huge swing and OTK turns. At its core, however, it has a lot of powerful midrange cards that amass value quickly or over time, so it doesn't have to simply rely on its combos to win the game; the still deck has a surprising ability to achieve combos considering its high card count.

Yes, the name is intentionally misleading, but it's definitely the most iconic card of the deck. J'zargo and Falling Wizard become better in this deck primarily due to Hand of Dagoth, but there's a cool interraction in which Tullius's Conscription pulls out Wardcrafter followed by Falling Wizard, forcing Wizard to gain a Ward before it takes its 5 damage, leaving you with an enabler for Sixth House Amulet and Ascended Sleeper. If you don't or can't afford to risk playing the Experimental Scrolls you may accumulate, there's a ton of cycle cards in the deck, namely Palace Conspirator, Sharp-Eyed Ashkhan, and Hit and Run (if Falling Wizard dies when summoned by Conscription, Conspirator can be used to draw a card and discard the Scroll, if you don't want to risk playing it). I would recommend to embrace the Scrolls, though--Queen Barenziah, Hand of Dagoth, and Dagoth Ur can gain you a lot of life, mitigating the risks of taking 5 damage (though drawing cards off of your own runes, and the strictly positive effects of the Scrolls, definitely aren't bad in this deck).

The main combo of the deck is the old Therana Ice Spike combo, which gains a ton with Hit and Run, which is I card I feel is too slept on. Alongside Baandari Opportunist, Elusive Schemer, and Ungolim the Listener, there's a lot of wiggle room enabled with this combo. Ascended Sleeper and Eclipse Baroness also help in executing the combo, or just playing more efficiently.

I'm sure there's a potential creature based combo out there that probably involves stuff like Ascended Sleeper and Luzrah gro-Shar, but it's also possible nothing's really there yet, aside from big bursts of damage via charge. I think Ascended Sleeper enabling combos in the future is a definite possibility, though.

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Im guessing the experimental scrolls really work out well with Therana?
Hi, i think this list looks really fun, but i lack the sharp-eyes and the frostscale. What would be good replacements?
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