Deck List

intelligence agility endurance
House Telvanni deck
75 cards

Mana Curve

0 3 16 17 11 10 7 11

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Guard 16
Drain 6
Lethal 5
Prophecy 4
Ward 4
Last Gasp 3
Pilfer 3
Breakthrough 2
Slay 2
Wax 2
Wane 2
Betray 1
Rally 1
Plot 1
Charge 1
Exalt 1
Assemble 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Regenerate 0


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Singleton telvanni! is like a box of chocolates...

By: gumchoo
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 37000crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Update: Just entered legend at #32, starting from rank 5, playing nothing else but this deck and along the way had to make some painful greed cuts, to counter ring aggro, mid BM and burn assassin weakness of this deck.... The current version was able to beat mid BM and aggro off ring in rank 1 where I was having trouble with previous versions.

Peak ladder rank = #8

Must... find.... seige... !!!! by sun or laaneth or high rolling with telvanni oathman, or by thinning deck with conscription....

with mushroom tower as the only support, and playing only 2 items that draw, seige provides insane tempo and/or value and is your wincon and easiest to find in telvanni 75 than other tricolors due to tutors...

Make sure you have atleast 1 or 2 things on board when you seige, seige on empty board is bad. Which means you may have to delay it by turn or 2 to set it up. You will have a full hand at the end of seige, so try to have as empty of a hand before it.

With seige, Put items on creature you will trade with or one that ideally will stay alive at the end of turn. you have to sacrifice one thing to get the second seige with mushroom tower so remember that when playing the first action as you may want to hold it or not betray with it.

If you have seige or conscription in hand, it's ok to go face or flood board a turn or 2 earlier and empty hand...

And if you are unlucky enough to draw mushroom tower, the only way to play it from hand and get any value would be to play it along with soul tear or raise dead, or shadow shift or scout's report if you have a tiny creature on board to sacrifice for value....

Mid BM is the toughest matchup and with this deck you can not control it, you race them or die trying...

Once you pull conscription or therana off seige, this will become your favorite meme deck that also has a decent win rate.

Deck is expensive, but if you dont put all uniques and legendaries in a singleton then where else would you use them.... :)

Video of Silverfuse playing the deck on her stream...

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The deck is superfun, and even though I don't have Therana nor Aundae it's been quite successful (4-0 so far). Thanks a lot!
1 Reply
gumchoo 1 month ago
Yeah! I did not expect it to be that decent and fun either, if you get Sun early, you can seige on curve and that is a lot more tempo than even conscription in a regular telvanni deck!!!!
Suenami 3 weeks ago
I love it already ..made a similiar one but yours is better .
Looks nice, I will give it a try, but where is Seht's Masterwork?
1 Reply
gumchoo 3 weeks ago
To make seiges game winning mushroom tower needs to be the only support you should pull with it.... so it needs to be only support in the deck!!!!! The whole point of deck is to survive until you draw seige, either naturally or with Sun, Laaneth, or with a lucky oathman, play seige with atleast one creature on board and literally win..... due to the insane value you get by pulling mushroom tower and playing it for free..... You usually are able to put 20 plus majicka worth of stuff on board while drawing on average 4 cards.....

Sometimes I am able to win by SMOrcing greedy lists... or board controlling aggro but most times it is seige that wins you the game....

Watching Silverfuse's video which is at the end of description where she plays the deck on her stream shows how the deck is supposed to function and how powerful the seiges can be if you only play 1 support......

Hope this helps... have fun....
gumchoo wrote:
To make seiges game winning mushroom tower needs to be the only support you should pull with it.... so it needs to be only support in the deck!!!!!

omg, thanks! Now I get it.
balu 3 weeks ago
How does it perform in ranked play? Am I lame and couldnt get it work, or is it intended only for fun? :)
2 Replies
gumchoo 3 weeks ago
I made it after mid-season, and am currently in the race for top #10, so was too scared to try this in ranked, but I have played a lot of it in casual with more than positive win rate, :) . It is intended for fun, but in casual it felt good enough for ladder.

But the season is over in less than 2 days. I stand by the deck, so will grind with it at the start of next season and will report back and let you know how high I can get it to.

I play the deck very proactively and am not scared to go face if it seems like the opponent is focusing too much on draw and not enough on board presence, so it play more like a mid-range deck and less of a traditional control deck, where you have option of going face after winning field, depending on your hand.
gumchoo 2 weeks ago
A little update: got to rank 3 on second day of the new season, starting for rank 5.
It is 60% winrate deck for me, mostly due to mid BM matchup which is bad and usually an auto-loss....
Ranked made me make couple of changes which I will update the list with....
It is still fun, but not as much as in casual... my goal is to try to get it to legend this from from rank 5 while playing nothing else....
Oh my God! I just got Conscription from Siege, it was EPIC!
1 Reply
gumchoo 3 weeks ago
And now you are hooked, be prepared to chase the high..... kappa
Raccoonrider 3 weeks ago
gumchoo wrote:
And now you are hooked, be prepared to chase the high..... kappa

Exactly! By the way, what do you think of adding Embassy Disguise (possibly instead of Tome of Alteration)? It's really frustrating to draw the Tome.
1 Reply
gumchoo 3 weeks ago
Try it, as long as the item draws, it should be good, tome trades better, that's y I used it... treasure map is a consideration too...

Also If I have galyn and item in hand, I usually galyn item as you get them back with seige, guaranteed!!!.
aiesec 3 weeks ago
I love this deck! However, If I loose, its because I have a full hand of expensive cards...
Did you think about using more cheaper and more defensive creatures (with guard/lethal)? If you play siege, they should be enough as well to win. I had situations, where I played conscriptions and couldn't turn the table because the creatures didn't make a big difference...
2 Replies
gumchoo 3 weeks ago
yeah, it mostly loses to ring high roll aggro or mid blue if it finds its spam, Fervor is also a big issue. When i made the deck meta was a little slower, but after the masters specially, aggro is getting played more, so you can definitely tinker and add more low cost defense.... and if it works better let me know as well.... :)

Cicero maybe the first cut.... Paarth and blood magic lord make mushroom tower and greed matchups better, but unplayable vs. aggro and mid blue... other than that, dark seducer down most things have immediate board impact, are overstated or have guard... so I have a harder time making those cuts....
gumchoo 2 weeks ago
I have cut Cicero for moose, and paarth for odaving, as they are more defensive and less greedy.... will update with any other changes..
Will be keeping an eye on your updates ;). I would really love to see somebody come up with a decent singleton deck. Always my favorite archetype in card games, but it happends to be really weak in TESL.
1 Reply
gumchoo 2 weeks ago
I just entered legend at #32 !!!!!!, playing nothing but this deck starting from bottom of rank 5.... Painful greed cuts were made along the way, most of them at rank 1, ..... with the current version you try to race mid BM which is the toughest matchup.....
Gorgeous deck! A luxury deck that works and is fun to play.
1 Reply
gumchoo 1 week ago
Thank you for the kind words...
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