Updated Fleeting Apparition Ramp (Legend 200-300)

By: XnefariousX
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 33100crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I revamped this deck with the addition of Alfiq the mid to late game strength has increased dramatically. I find that this deck keeps me at 200-300 rank on ladder, although I think it could be better if I didn't want to try all my stupid deck ideas out and lose rank because of it...

Early Game:
Just focus on removal and board control. Black Hand Messenger is great for this with some life gain added. This deck needs lots of mana ramp to win so Play your Tree Minder early if you can. Turn 3 Tree Minder, followed by a Turn 4 Fleeting Apparition that drops another Tree Minder is A+++
Mid Game:
If you do not draw Tree Minder a Cosair Ship on turn 4 is wonderful if you can pull an exchange with one of the Cosair. Fleeting Apparition is a must play, whenever possible have a creature on the board when you play it to give you options on what you Betray to duplicate the spell. Remember that the creatures summoned by Fleeting Apparition return to your hand at the end of the turn. This allows you to get two uses out if the summon ability. Remember not to Use Galyn on a 3 or less cost creature because if you summon it later with Fleeting Apparition, it will lose its bonus when it gets returned to your hand. Galyn gets played in this deck in most games because of the Fleeting Pull so its important to really think about what you want to copy. Necro is the #1, #2, and #3 Target, I will even Soul Tear a Necro and wait on Galyn to get 3 6/6 Necros in my deck. If my opponent is not playing Piercing Twilight, I will kill Galyn and repeat :-) Ice Storm when needed to reset the board. Black Hand Messenger and Telvanni Catspaw give you a nice damage/lifegain/carddraw effect when you do this. Try to use Piercing Twilight to disrupt your opponents game plan. Mummify combos well into Ice Storm, Debilitate, or Black hand Messenger. When playing against Control, Mummify is a great way to permanently eliminate creature threats. I added Hallowed Deathpriest to combat all the Alfiq out there, he also combos with Necro and Cosair Ship, or Soul Tear to really disrupt decks that rely on certain high cost creatures. Remember that Soul Tear is a Shout, so the Second and Third one you play gives a bonus to the creature you are pulling. This may cause you to pull a Necro instead of the actual creature you want because the Necro can pull the creature.
Late Game:
This is when it gets fun! I changed the deck around to have significant pull options for Sun-in-Shadow and Laaneth. Its important to know what your options are for pulls so you can plan accordingly. Snake Tooth Necklace is great when you are low on life and trying to hold on so your card advantage can win the game. Pulling a 1st or 2nd Fleeting with Sun-In Shadow is a go to because of the huge card advantage it gives. Late game if you have a Cosair Ship in play, and Necros in your graveyard, Reanimate allows you to chain summon all Necros in your graveyard, with a Alfiq to end the chain...

As always, I am open to any suggestions on how to make this deck better.

Updated Changes
Added 3 Alfiq: ... Duh
Added 3 Cosair Ships: gives Necro chain pull abilities
Added 3 Soul Tear: can be a little slow early game but mid to late game this card is A++ don't get me started on the second and third one played.
Added 2 High Rock Summoner: Synergies with Fleeting, Alfq, and Cruel Firebloom
Added 1 Abnur Tharn: should of been in the last deck (I am embarrassed to say I spent my gems on 3 Pathmages instead of Abnur, See "Playing stupid deck ideas and losing rank" from above.
Added 2 Hallowed Deathpriest: Meta is filled with Alfiq and other large creature threats, this does a great job disrupting late game win cards.
Added 1 Debilitate: better vs wards than Ice Storm.
Added 2 Mighty Conjuring: With Alfiq bouncing around, this card becomes a great finisher.
Added 1 Reanimate: Late game this is a win card. If you have a Cosair Ship in play you can summon 3x 4/3 Necro, 1x 4/4 Alfiq, and 1x 8/5 ward Storm Atronach.

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I like what I see, I've had a mid/control Telvani for months and it's starting to loose steam, but I tend to cling to my favorite decks.
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Thank you!
I really enjoy playing this deck, I wish it were a little stronger vs Aggro, but that is the trade off you make for its strength vs most other decks.

Zael06 1 month ago
Have enjoyed a similar version of this deck, inspired by yours of course,since I don't have all the cards yet. But a few things I've found helpful until I can get all the legendaries: Dragon priest mask: this has been really niche when I was about to lose a game; I also opted to use supreme atro until I can get some alfiq, she has worked well for multiple summons of her; I am currently using one of the new monthly cards, having the extra dagger/sword actually won me a game with swift strike. What do you think of using memory wraith instead of piercing twilight? This lets you eliminate entire deck instead of a select card.

But i've encountered a few issues maybe you could help with: I have a tendency to have my cards erased early-mid game because of unsummoning and getting too much draw, and struggling to outlast some other decks into late game cause I can't get any corsairs out, nor good late game creatures... feel like its really luck depenant.

But I am missing the camel which allows you to cycle through more and pick more cards, wondering if that will help these two issues?
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I am glad you are enjoying the deck. Dragon Priest Mask has great synergies with all the summon effects in this deck. The problem is it is a 6 cost card that requires a card in play to be used. I would recommend Dark Rebirth if you are looking for that effect, it only has a 3 cost and has better synergies with Black Hand Messenger, and Telvanni Catspaw. I do like the synergies with Sentinel Reclaimer and this deck. Getting 10 damage out of it when drawn by fleeting is pretty cool. Additionally the Dagger and Sword go well with Black Hand Messenger turning it into a threat+lifegain (I will start experimenting with that).

I do not like the substitution of Piercing Twilight for Memory Wraith for the following reasons.
1) Piercing Twilight removes threats that you opponent has not played yet, disrupting either their removal, combo, or win cards. This is important when you are matched up against a mid range, control, or combo deck.
2) Speed. Not only is Memory Wraith 1 more in cost, but it is not a guard. This Memory two turns behind Piercing Twilight when dealing with a creature threat. In a deck that is already a mid to late game deck, you cannot afford to lose the turns.

The current Meta seems to be Mid BM, something so fast that it can kill Mid BM before turn 6, and a control deck with so much life gain and greed that it can outlast Mid BM. This deck actually plays pretty well against Mid BM, However early speed aggro owns it and it should probably be adjusted to deal with whats being played currently.

I would start by taking out the Mask and Memory Wraiths. They are just too slow for the decks you are playing against. Sanctuary Pet, Territorial Viper, or Knight of Gnisis are all good subs or you could just go removal with Fire Bolt/ Channeled Storm. Hallowed Deathpriest is a luxury that can be an easy swap out for more early game removal/speed. If you want another late game Threat Hulking Scalon plays really well in this deck and I will be including it in further versions.

Camel is a great card for cycling, but its really a mid/late game card. So if you are having trouble with early game threats, its not going to make much of a difference.

Opening hand selection can play a huge role in your win % with this deck. Do not get fooled into keeping a card that is good mid-late game in your opening hand. I keep 1-3 cost creatures or removal in opening hand (or Queen) that is it. If it looks like I am playing control, I will keep a Fleeting, or Piercing Twilight.

Hope this Helps

Flo Dio 1 month ago
Hi Nef!

Very cool updated version of your fleeting telvanni list.

I loved the first one (still play it to this day) and I gonna play the heck out of this list as well.

Cheers :)
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