Legend Moon/Support Dominion

By: Drakmor95
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Posted: 6 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 35700crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I tested this Deck for Fun and it turns out it's very good.
The Support theme works very good in combination with Wax/Wane and the Deck can be very flexible, you can play agressive against control decks and finish them with the illusionist, moon gate, general combo wich summons 4 3/3 Guards an a 5/5 for 8 mana.
Against Aggressive Decks you have a lot of creatures to trade with and stablize with a lot of lifegain which also summons new tokens for trading if you have the spirit on board.
The Frazzled Alfiq is also amazing against agressive decks if you can finish of their creatures with the ping.

Try it out i had a winning streak to rank 240 in legend with this

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thaap 6 months ago
it looks really cool
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Drakmor95 6 months ago
Ddy1880 6 months ago
it's truly a very cooooool deck! My first try on ledder leads to a 4-0 and really enjoyed playing this.
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Ddy1880 6 months ago
To make it cooler, I even added Ring Of Namira and Ebonheart Oracle
Drakmor95 6 months ago
Thank You!
Nice Additions I will try that out
Drakmor95 6 months ago
I will try Dawnstar healer as well, you can use it just as a solid 3 drop and even otk your opponent with ebonheart or second dawnstar + ring
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