How to get the highground

By: BarissCoffee
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Posted: 1 month ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 32750crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

I am Master Kenobi, Member of the Jedi Council, General of the Galactic Republic and a bold one.
Today I'm gonna teach you how to take over the senate in a few lessons.

WARNING! It will take dozens of years for this plan to work.

Step 1) Find the chosen one and treat him like nothing or less.

If you are like a father or a brother to him, this won't work. Don't be nice to him.

Step 2) Let him fall in love with the Queen Barenziah (or whatever her name is) .

Indeed, even if this is obvious she's driving him insane, you have to let him have some time alone with her.
When he's finally talking about sand to seduce her, you can move to the next step.

Step 3) You must make him think of always more sand

The Merchant Camel will unlight his day (trust me)

Step 4) Now that he is frustrated, you need to, as a peace keeper, start a war against those who doesn't share your ideas.

To do this you'll need to build an army to take over the galaxy with cards like fighters guild recruit, thorn histmage, dark seducer or the Gatekeeper. Don't forget, that's why you're here.
Remember, those cards are just flesh, like the younglings, for your final move.

Step 5) Now that your army is gone because of the New Emperor Conscription you have to prepare yourself to go for the kill.

After your chosen one knocked up the ex queen, you have to talk no sense with him, so he can think that, from his point of view, "the Jedi are evil".

Step 6) Observe your environment and seek for where the highground is and follow the instructions below

Just a message to say that this picture is in sale. The credits will do fine.

Congratulations, you're ready to win because you're a better player.
Don't kill your atronach after that, in fact, the better option is to let him suffer a painful slow death because you're a nice guy.
Then travel with his kid to his home sand planet just for the irony (and in case he survived, he won't look for you there).

Step 7) Wait for his son to turn your atronach against the senate

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Core 1 month ago
Still unemployed i see! Luv your deck intros! ;)
(Missing Soul Gems: 32751
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Thanks. i think I'm going to start a new carrer, I'll draw the portrait of the people in the streets. I feel like I'm talented with my pencils.
kayahaze 1 month ago
I am always at a loss for words when i read your intro's...forced into silence by your greatness.

Nice one!
<3 u
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BarissCoffee 1 month ago
This is totally true. Congratulations
what about an actual description of the deck instead of this gibberish ?
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