Lethal Consume Totem Archer

By: CyberRecon
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 2 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 12800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Takes the early aggro concepts of a standard Consume Archer deck while adding much needed board control options with ramp variance if applicable through draws. This is a great deck to climb with and am having success with it to get back to Legendary. Will give my thoughts on it further when I get back (if I get back) to top #100's rank. So far results have been from rank 5-2 @ 65% W/R

Update from rank 2:


Currently 2 wins away from hitting Legendary again, been having fun using this deck so far and seeing how my opponents react when I toss a ton of unexpected lethal with this variation. Lots of great combo's with consume and Imbued Bosmer/Astrid/Quicksilver Crossbow. Will post again after getting into the top #500 - 100's range to talk about results.

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Excellent deck! I do not regret grinding gems and dusting a few legendaries to get the cards I was missing. From rank 3-2 tonight every single match was a win. :) I had the occasional trouble with Tenarr, if I got him early and had nothing else to play. But apart from that it was an engaging and good deck to use. Love the combination of early aggro and board control. Good work!
pr0jix 1 month ago
Perhaps add some comments on how to play this decently.

VS control probably going face as much as possible, but faster aggro seems to kinda wipe the floor with this...
Or should I try to trade vs aggro? I find that there are no guards and the only way to reach the shadow lane before taking a bunch of damage is illicit butcher / crossbow+lethal combo, but that's not enough cards...

Some tips on mulligan would help too.
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pr0jix 1 month ago
Okay, so I tested this some more.
This gets absolutely wrecked by more stable aggro decks as-is, such as face assassin and BM.

Looking at the original from where this was made from - you removed a bunch of tempo/aggro cards and called it "midrange".
It's not "midrange" if it has almost zero defense and is unable to survive any decent aggro deck.

Here are some modifications I made and the reasoning behind them...

Cards I removed:
2 Fear Totem's and the Shadow Shift's, because you are running 3x Withered Hand Cultist making them nearly pointless. I left a single totem in, which also is now the only action in this deck.

Allena Benoch. I don't see a place for this card anywhere but a pure control deck. A 6 mana 1 lethal damage with a 1/1 body is absolutely horrible in an aggro deck. By turn 6 you should be trying to finish the enemy.

Cards I added:
3x Fighters Guild Recruit. More lethal creatures were needed, because sometimes you just don't draw them. Also, some tempo stop vs. pure aggro decks that smash your face. It is a prophecy, a guard and has lethal, which combo's with Astrid as well as Quicksilver Crossbow. Withered Hand Cultist makes it expensive to remove.

1 Quicksilver Crossbow. This is one of the few sources of removal for this deck, it makes sense to run the maximum possible amount of them.

1 Steel Scimitar. 2/2 for 1 from hand, making it easier to trigger Awakened Dreamer - it makes absolutely no sense to run fewer than 3 of them.

Some more thoughts:
I am unsure about the very top-end. I don't really see this reaching turn 9 very often, unless you get a bunch of contracts from proccing Astrid a lot and don't have a Withered Hand Cultist out. Also running 2x Savage Ogre and 1x Belligerent Giant might make more sense. Damage from hand is always good to finish off something. Garnag, Dark Adherent might be useful in the deck.
Not sure whether Razum-Dar is that good either.

The Tenarr Zalviit Nightstalker can be fairly situational. I feel like Circle Initiate might be better - it has 5/3 with a captain, so it can also help trigger Awakened Dreamer and it is very easy to proc it in an aggro deck. The deck also has more than enough consume as-is, I don't feel as if it needs even more.
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