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By: Liner64
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Posted: 2 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 7550crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

I was trying to build my first deck. Please rate and give feedback!


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Ju de Coco 1 month ago

I had to accomplish the "3 victory with a 3 attributes deck" so it was the same kind of deck as yours. Nonetheless, mine is very different : see, you are supposed to play aggressively and win quickly : if not, your opponents will often have a control deck that will crush you.

So I would suppress all "defensive cards" like Rihad Battlemage, Dwarven Sphere or even Cursed Spectre.

For the rest, you should add more aggressive cards that deal damages at a distance to your opponent like Ice Spike.

I agree that afew "silence cards" can be interested, nonetheless, you have to adopt a strategy and keep the same direction in your deck : here, balance is no good.

In a 4 mana cost, I also put 2 Dres Renegade to prevent from Schakle. See, Alik'r Survivalist is not such a powerful card in itself, don't hesitate to suppress it.

At last, for it is supposed to be an aggro deck, please think about breakthrough cards like the Imbued Minotaur and the Enraged Dragonknight you've got the combo here.

I also like the Shield Breaker is particurarly useful in many cases.

Well, provided all theses advices, I think you can greatly improve your deck with no cost, I am not an expert but for I don't have much cards I mainly play aggro decks and I think these changes could make a huge difference in your speed win ;-)

At last, don't put too many high cost cards, you want to put several creatures to end the game quickly. In this perspective, maybe the Tome of Alteration is not so fantastic... The Ancestor's Battleaxe, at this point, will be completely useless for you will be already dead at the 7th level.

Please consider to have a look at this Deck 
I got inspired from it to build a more efficient one : the principle is amazing, you deal damages to your opponent and yourself with more than 50% prophety.

Your deck is 2 stars worth to me, it is not to be bad, but mean that you can greatly improve it, and you should ;-)

Good luck !
Liner64 1 month ago
Thanks a lot for your great reply. I will try your tips and suggestions!
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