[Legend] Turn 9 | Altar Control (8/2019)

By: Mr.Socrates
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 3 weeks ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 41950crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Turn 9 Alduin. Legend rank.
Around 75% WR from rank 5 to rank 2. And after that +-60% to rank Legend.

Deck guide coming up.









Just in case -- my other legendary (at least in #1000) decks are here.

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Jayfire88 1 month ago
I become rather confused when i see a decklist with much over 75 cards (100)... can you please explain?
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Mr.Socrates 3 weeks ago
Hello there, so the 2 main reasons for 100 card decks is that you can control your card distribution and % of your card draws better — which is probably the most relevant thing in combo decks, especially Altar decks. So for instance you don't want to have Alduin in your 50 card deck because it would be a dead card — possibly twice as much in a similar 100 card deck; its the same with 75card decks and so on. Also with Altar decks you don't want to have all 10,11,12 drops in your 50/75 card deck – it would be too many dead draws or too heavy/slow deck to get to legend.
kayahaze 2 weeks ago
Can you do a guide i have tried to play 100 card decks before but i am hopeless. This looks interesting.
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Id like to write it too! But at this very moment im nerding the hell out of LOTR ACG, the *new* LOTR card game.

But its just simple - singleplayer deck building game, thats just so much fun.
kayahaze 2 weeks ago
Just looked its Multiplayer also. 1 card game is enough for me as i play many other games if i have the time. Have fun
Raustar 5 days ago
This kid added me in-game just to say "I'm downvoting all your decks pig because you are unethical" just because he got rekt by my kaalgrontiid/monsterless singleton, then he has 3 tribunal decks. Nice hypocrisy. You could at least say hi since i got a screenshot XDDDD
Just pathetic
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