Sarasti's Doom

By: JackAries
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 2 weeks ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 15650crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
After the nerfs to Namira's Disciple and Shrine I wanted to see if I could make a viable Doomcrag deck. Had good luck with this one so far.

Typical Doomcrag/Namira/Journey deck with a few functions for card draw and creation to offset the nerfs. Spider Worker, Rapid Shot, Namira's Shrine, Namira's Disciple and Cicero all help you draw extra cards (don't forget Cicero can attack friendlies for card draw, so if a Namira is in a lane you can play a Spider Worker, Cicero, and crossbow to instantly draw three cards and put another lethal on board. If your supports are up you'll be gaining health and also drawing more cards).
Aundae Clan Sorcerer, at low levels, will help you keep more cards in your hand before you play your Doomcrag; for when you have to use a bunch of weak cards like Firebrand to take out an opposing card. The 2 cost cards will help stabilize as well as activate Shrines.

Try to draw and discard your entire deck in a little time as you can. The goal is to play to Journey; the Doomcrag is just to help you deal with large threats.

Get supports up quickly, especially Necromancer's Amulet to let you survive aggro.

There is a lot of synergy with these cards. Use Firebrands to activate your Shrines, Disciples, or Sharpshooter's plot keyword as well as a lethal charge with Doomcrag.
A Doomcrag and Tiny Dragon is an 8 cost lane clear. Dushnikh can be a lethal ping with Doomcrag or take out an enemy support. Use Hlaalu for creatures with ward, immune to lethal, or some Last Gasp you want to avoid.

Beware Grummite Magus and Memory Wraith. If they use either when you're low on cards and haven't played Journey yet you're toast. They are rare cards so try to figure out if they might be running those cards and outmaneuver them. Once you have most of your Firebrands in your discard pile it's safe to play and switch to aggro.

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