Mana Curve

1 11 17 11 2 8 0 0

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Prophecy 4
Ward 4
Last Gasp 3
Charge 2
Slay 2
Drain 1
Guard 1
Rally 0
Regenerate 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Wane 0
Wax 0
Lethal 0
Breakthrough 0
Betray 0
Exalt 0
Invade 0
Pilfer 0
Assemble 0
Plot 0


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By: RumpinRufus
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Posted: 2 months ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 10900crystal
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Bewilder your opponents and leave their heads spinning with this masterpiece of movement! This deck aims to get the rocket-boosted early games of the typical move deck using Caravan Enforcer and Dune Smuggler.

Now... let me tell you about the secret sauce!

Gnarl Rootbender is the key piece that lets you cycle any unwanted actions that are clogging your hand. (Extra fun when you can draw two cards with Shadow Shift on Rootbender, or playing Bewildering Speed on two Rootbenders.)

I have a lot of fun with this deck because there are lots of decisions to make - e.g., lane placements can require thinking two steps ahead, and you need to decide whether to play out actions or save them for Rootbender draws. Plus, there are those big dramatic finishes with Swift Strike/Mad Dash/Seyda Neen Courier/Sentinel Reclaimer!
Finished #24 Legend August 2019

Keep things moving! Keep things gnarly!

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Jayfire88 2 months ago
Hey! I love the deck man nice list. But I'm not sure how to play it. Should I recklessly target face at all costs? Or should I play a little midrange? You have a couple morag tong and ward crafters... ???

This deck is insane burst! Like the gnarl deck mech! I wanted to make use of the moves, so I added one Hidden Trail. I couldn't delete a card so its 51 cards in my deck hehe.
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I'd say about 75% face-smashing and 25% trading - you'll trade more often than Burn Assassin for sure, but you still want to hit face very aggressively.

Aspirants deal well with things like Prophecy Fighters Guild Recruits, give you a 1-drop, and the move effects make it easier to get the slay. As for Wardcrafter, that's just an auto-include in every blue deck.
Jayfire88 2 months ago
okay very nice. what's your thought on the hidden trail?

also, i just uploaded a very nice deck "Deathpriest" check it out in Tribunal or click on me for my most recent deck :)
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I've tried SO hard to make Hidden Trail work in other decks, and it's led only to frustration for me... it's just hard to recover tempo after spending 4 on a card that doesn't put a body on the board. Being able to hide your creatures behind cover is enticing, but I'd worry that after dropping tempo on T4 for the Hidden Trail, the opponent will just outrace you and the cover will end up biting you, especially because this deck lacks guards.
What is the better way to replace aspirants? What about Opportunist?
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I'm not particularly fond of Baandari Opportunist, especially in a deck like this that doesn't have Fervor/FLT/other wide buffs. I would try Midnight Trespasser instead.
I will experiment. Thx
Or maybe Dominion Oathman ?
What are your Mulligan guidelines? Go hard for move combo pieces ? Thanks for the deck!!
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It's a little hard to nail down a mulligan strategy because it's dependent on the rest of your hand as well.

For example, Shadow Shift is a card that you'll often mulligan, but if you have a Caravan Enforcer or Mournhold Traitor in hand you might keep it.

And Seyda Neen Courier is a card you usually want to mulligan, but if it's your only 2 you should usually keep it. Dune Stalker is a 2 you might mulligan if you have another 2 - UNLESS you have Dune Smuggler in hand, in which case you keep it...

But in generality:

Mulligan anything costing over 4 and mulligan all actions. There are exceptions (you might keep move actions with Dune Smuggler, might keep Lesser Ward with Mournhold Traitor, might keep Barenziah against Crusader) so there's a good bit of playing it by ear.
How critical is the mog aspirant? Is it super important?
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I think you could easily replace Morag Tong Aspirant with Midnight Trespasser. A 2/2 on Turn 1 is good!
Wanted to also say that this deck is amazing!! Brought me to rank 4 on a solid win streak
First game, and I manage to buff my gnarl movebender to 3x its attack value on turn 7 and move in for the kill. What burst value!! Can't wait to try this some more.

I don't have Morag Tong though, so for the moment I substituted them with Dominion Oathman. Ungolim and Bandaari is too slow in this deck, don't you think? Alternatively, I'm thinking maybe Sixth House Amulet or Midnight Trespasser.
pr0jix 1 month ago
While this is really fun to play, I think there are a few issues with it...

One issue is dealing with guard spam. There is no silence / intimidate / breakthrough.
Another issue is vs. anything with silence - kinda the same problem with an item based BM. If you really buff up one creature it just gets silenced or unsummoned.
Lethal is easier to work around because if playing it right you are nearly always in cover.

This deck usually can not end the game before turn 6, and due to that there are off the top of my head a couple better aggro decks in the meta that don't have that many issues.

BM can bypass guards and can run silence, it is also not susceptible to silence as it's mainly summon effects.
Face assassin has so many ways to deal damage directly to face and again not susceptible to silence...

When this deck gets good draw it really works, but with average draw it seems too weak against any decent control deck :(
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You're right that guard spam can give this deck trouble - a guard in one lane is usually OK because you can move to the other, but when both lanes are guarded you do have to trade.

But I completely disagree that "This deck usually can not end the game before turn 6", I find that at least 50% of games I've won by turn 6 (frequently on turn 5.) Are you absolutely certain you're looking for lethal every turn? A deck like this that can get crazy burst damage can be an adjustment to get used to, because even when the opponent is at 20-something health you can often burst them down in one turn with Swift Strike, Steel Swords, move buffs, etc. It's very different than Face Assassin, which consistently deals damage from hand but rarely gets huge bursts. With this deck it's not unusual to do over 20 damage on turn 6, so you have to CONSTANTLY be looking for lethal.

(And to an extent these "problems" with the deck are intentional - I like playing interactive decks, so to me having to trade into guards and not packing the deck with reach from hand is as much a playstyle decision as it is a decision based off power level. But my experience with the deck is that it performs very well so I don't think those choices are suboptimal, they're just a different playstyle than Face Assassin, so that might require some adjustment.)
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