Movement Pilfer Monk

By: Gregoire
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Posted: 1 month ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 19800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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Beardaniels 1 month ago
i recently made a movement pilfer deck as well! a few things i like in my deck that you might consider. Move in shadows is great, moves your creatures twice and if activated after attacking always gives a creature cover. Tenmar swift claw is also great especially when paired with monk strike, if you can hit face your can get at least 11 health back and break two runes! I don't like descendant of alkosh very much, late game its more or less a dead draw and early it struggles to get going. for draws in this particular deck i think Blood pact Messenger is better than eastmarch crusader, thanks mainly to all the pilfer support (potential to draw 2-8 vs a guaranteed 1). All pilfer decks should really include Brynjolf IMO. Random cards i really like, sails through storms, quin'rawl burgler (fantastic with devious bandit), cyriel & torval crook for extra magicka, oh and lastly caravan enforcer which can get huge fast with a smuggler on field. if you like my advise and add all these cool katz than also consider khamira.
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Gregoire 1 month ago
I focused more on making it aggro than making it all about the cool synergies
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