altar monk

By: eyenie
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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 1 month ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 16800crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

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понимаю, что колода ещё сырая, но уже вполне играбельная и очень мне нравится)
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eyenie 1 month ago
дечка огонь, по-моему сильнейший монк из всех что я видел
zenfish 1 month ago
Surprisingly (think I'd know better by now with your decks) great... I cowardly added a Elixir of Vitality, perhaps unnecessary but seems to play well with the revitilizer and CKs.
VeryScaryGarr... 1 month ago
Почему не играешь желтого дракона за 6? Залы же наверное мертвым грузом часто висят. Или нам нужно с алтаря всегда зеленого призывать?
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eyenie 1 month ago
Слишком много тяжелых карт, не хочется еще сильнее перегружать колоду. Так бы положил 9 и 10 дроп. Саппорт реализуется полностью после розыгрыша Journey, начинаешь призывать бафнутых драконов. Так что нет с этим проблем и обычно если дожил до этого момента то игра выиграна
McConnel 1 month ago
What to use in place of Altar?
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acampbell11 1 month ago
A surrender. This deck hinges on Altar. It's called "Altar Monk" for a reason.

It's not GOOD, but if you don't have Altar, don't play this.

BUT, spend your hard earned gems on Altar, because you can make a GOOD Altar deck easily.
Censing 1 month ago
I don't know why acampbell11 received a downvote, he's entirely right. This entire deck was built with Altar in mind, and cutting it from the deck makes the whole deck pointless.
Altar decks are fun but they've fallen a long way from how popular they used to be (perhaps as better cards have been released Altar as a card and strategy is too slow to keep up), so if you're not interested getting in the expansion for the card then I wouldn't worry too much, you're not missing out.
In the future, if a deck mentions a strategy or a certain card in the title then note that those components are probably vital for the deck to function.
McConnel 1 month ago
acampbell11 wrote:
A surrender. This deck hinges on Altar. It's called "Altar Monk" for a reason.

LMAO thanks man I feel like a dope.
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