Mana Curve

15 7 11 8 0 6 2 1

Cards Attributes

Card Distribution & Keywords

Drain 3
Ward 3
Breakthrough 1
Regenerate 0
Rally 0
Prophecy 0
Slay 0
Treasure Hunt 0
Wax 0
Wane 0
Plot 0
Lethal 0
Exalt 0
Charge 0
Betray 0
Invade 0
Guard 0
Assemble 0
Last Gasp 0
Pilfer 0


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MATRHĖX REL0ADED | Tribal Market Assassin

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Posted: 1 month ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Oblivion patch)
Crafting Cost: 7200crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.

Everything begins with choice.

Hey ! I'm back with a new Assassin Market and without Lillandril Hexmage this time (yes, the title can mislead) but i've focused the list around High Elf Tribal with Crystal Tower Crafter and the combo Gnarl Rootbender into Swindler's Market. Say hello of THE MATRHĖX REL0ADED version !

It's clearly not a Tier 1 deck but I wanted to show the potential of this list on the ladder/Legend. Since the nerf of Lillandril Hexmage, Market Assassin had become almost rare but this version shows that we had a competitive and adaptable threatening deck for TESL.

I've started to play it since debut of July, helping me to climb the ladder for Legend, with a Dagoth deck too. For this month of August, i wanted to show its power in top Legend, even if i prefer to play with my Dagoth deck to rise for the top 100.



> Close Call : a 0-cost action triggering Swindler's Market and useful to unsommun a Dominion Oathman, a Gnarl Rootbender to draw and to use him next with others actions, or why not Ancano.

> Curse : a 0-cost action which triggers Swindler's Market too and can kill an enemy creature (nice against aggro deck). Can be useful on a Gnarl Rootbender to draw a new card.

> Dead Drop : The fact to trade in early game a creature to take a Completed Contract is interesting following some situations but overall it's a good option. It triggers on Swindler's Market, add one more magicka to play more stuff and Dead Drop can still target Gnarl Rootbender and it's very important to draw more.

> Forked Bolt : Exactly the same curse that Curse, and put one more damage to the opponent (and decrease the cost of Spoils of War and Debilitate). Can be useful on a Gnarl Rootbender to draw more cards, a really good add for Market Assassin.

> Lesser Ward : a 0-cost action which can protect Crystal Tower Crafter or to draw cards if we target a Gnarl Rootbender.

> Shadow Shift : We draw two cards if we target a Gnarl Rootbender, very interesting, and can move a creature to face directly the opponent. Shadow Shift is an unavoidable card in this deck.

> Ice Spike : 2 damages for 2 magicka and we draw a card.

> Shadowmarking : Certainly the opponent collects one of our card but find two cards to have the better way to kill him/her soon is an advantage.

> Spoils of War : A powerful great new add for Market Assassin, can be played for 0 (and trigger the Swindler's Market). An useful piece of a combo.

> Fingers of the Mountain : Really interesting replacement instead of Debilitate. This action doesn't kill our creatures on the board, can kill some opponent's threat(s), target Gnarl Rootbender and trigger Swindler's Market if the cost is reduced to 0.


> Dominion Oathman : An interesting piece for this Tribal Market Assassin. Her cost can be reduced thanks to a Thalmor Embassy or a Ring of Lordship, to trigger a Swindler's Market. And with a Close Call, it's burning for the opponent ! (even if we need to have another blue card on the board (40% of our list) i've never had a problem to trigger her)

> Abecean Navigator : a nice High Elf to face the opponent for 2 macgicka, with his 3 power, but fragile against a lot of removal. We can draw an action (58% of action cards in the deck), so why not interesting for this Tribal Market Assassin.

> Crystal Tower Crafter : One of our alternative kill. This High Elf can grow easily with the quantity of actions (with many 0-cost action). But fragile against Silence and removal as Piercing Javelin / Cast Into Time etc...

> Thieves Guild Recruit : A slot of 2 magicka to draw a card.

> Gnarl Rootbender : A really good and interesting card in this deck, 5 power to face the opponent it's strong. We draw a card if the opponent targets it, and we draw cards if we target it with our 0-cost action and Shadow Shift. 3 copies is enough.

> Ancano : The ultimate kill in many situations. Less cheap in magicka with Thalmor Embassy or the Ring of Lordship and can be played again with a Close Call.


> Ring of Lordship : One copy is enough to target an High Elf to reduce the cost of each creature of this type. Nice to have the Dominion Oath free to trigger the Swindler's Market.


> Swindler's Market : A support, easily removed by the opponent, but which triggers Empower and damage the opponent to die a slow death.

> Thalmor Embassy : This underrated support protects us from damage by action (goodbye lethal Lightning Bolt on prophecy) and it reduces the magicka cost of our High Elf, so very nice for Dominion Oathman with Swindler's Market. And it's cool too for Abecean Navigator and Crystal Tower Crafter, because with a Ring of Lordship or another Thalmor Embassy they are free and it triggers Market !

*** GAMEPLAY ***

Best starting hand : creatures as Thieves Guild Recruit to draw, otherwise a Shadowmarking and potentially a Gnarl Rootbender against no aggro deck, with a Swindler's Market and 0-cost action.

Curse or Forked Bolt against aggro deck, with draw cards.

> In the beginning, play draw cards as Abecean Navigator or Thieves Guild Recruit and face the opponent with them all the time we can.

> Among our 3 magicka cost, prefer to play Shadowmarking than Swindler's Market.

> Keep actions to trigger Gnarl Rootbender if we have one.

> Begin the combo to let the opponnent near of the death to finish him with next 0-cost action, creatures on board, Dominion Oathman into Thalmor Embassy or another blue card on the board, Ice Spike or simply Ancano. Crystal Tower Crafter on board before the starting combo can be the threat to OTK the opponnent with the triggering Markets.

> Try to control the board against biggest opponent threats. Let him brokes our runes to draw more cards for start the combo with Markets. Otherwise, face the opponent with our High Elves and actions.

Note that to begin with the ring is the best starting


> Low magicka curve
> Cheap deck (7200 soul gems)
> Ratio win / loss quite positive but not real tryhard competitive deck to stay top 100 Legend
> More interactive than the version before the nerf of Lillandril Hexmage


> Need combo pieces to OTK
> Fragile against Withered Hand Cultist, Jorunn the Skald-King, Seducer Darkfire


> Therana : In fact, on paper it could be a real value add. But in game it's more difficult to evaluate her efficacity. We lost the round to summon a Gnarl before summuning Therana and start the combo, or when we summon Therana first we need to wait the next turn to start combo with the Gnarl. And generally she's targeted by a removal and against Aggro it's not strong too. So I think we don't really need Therana in this list but do your own opinion about it ! Otherwise, she's an interesting suggestion (and thanks to her, Abecean Navigator triggers more easily too). Well, she needs to be tested more again. (-1 Ring of Lordship to include her)

> Move In Shadows : a 0-cost action which helps us to face the opponent in a free lane (with our aggressive creatures), triggering the capacity of Gnarl Rootbender if it's targeted. (replaced by Dead Drop)

> Debilitate : Clean the board, can be played for less than 7 (and trigger the Market if it costs 0). A nice mass removal. (replaced by Fingers of the Mountain)

Other suggestions are welcome !

*** LINKS ***

> compilation (5min) of some Legend plays with the Market Assassin

> clip twitch of makemorelove reaction of my turn 5, after his "and now he's looking to concede" well, it was really funny.

*** UPDATES ***

> 09/18: some Legend plays in the top 100, to prove its efficiency

Choice is an illusion, created between those with power... and those without.

thanks all to have taken your time to read this description !

∞ apologize for my english level ∞

The Elderscrollsement vôtre,


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No Therana?
1 Reply
IN-SITU 1 month ago
Here a good suggestion! i've not tought about her 'coz i've built around High Elf and draw (Thieves Guild Recruit / Gnarl Rootbender) but why not to test her , she looks great to combo with Gnarl yep : )

EDIT: after many new games with her, i'm not really sure about her efficacity in the list, but need to continue to test her !
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