Old School Tribunal (TOP 100)

By: Skynomad
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Posted: 1 week ago
Updated: 1 week ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 29350crystal
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HI there,

After one year of non playing, i came back on TESL and wanted to check if old version deck still worth it.
In the curent meta, it seems that this tribunal really rocks cause i ve been from rank 2 to #78 with it, and i had just 3 loses.

Complete detail of the card choice will come later.

If you see any new card to put in this deck, feel free to comment.

Have a nice day all, and enjoy the game.




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Legendsforfun 1 week ago
Great list. 5-0 at rank 5 for now. thanks.
Any replacement for Sotha Sil ?
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I guess a lot of cards can replace it : second magic lord, odawing, Mannimarco... Sotha SIl is not an absolute need.
fantus 1 week ago
can you give us some info how you play this deck? what are the pros and cons ? how to play vs aggro and such ? tks
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Remove everything that you see until your opponent is out of resources and kill them with your top-end creatures. Just the regular Tribunal fun police style.
Hi dude,

Basically this deck can win vs everything.

Your worst match up are very agressive decks, like Crab list with good draw or token crusader, these are really hard to beat if they smorc hard and fast.

If you face aggro, always keep cheap removals and look for Emperors blade early in the game.
Think about synergy between them and night mother to trigger the health gain. Same synergy with blood lord.

I didnt see lot of aggro playing support removal, so you can consider keeping it from the begining, specially if you play second.

Versus telvani, keep memory wraith but dont play it too early.
Piercing twilight was amazing versus conscription deck as well as versus crab.

Versus other tribunal, keep Miraak as long as they didnt play their own, if possible.
Keep one momify for their Paarturax.
Dont be afraid to lose some health at first, let them brake one or two runes then clean the board.

You can add me in the game if you want to practice this deck versus me or others and i can watch you few games to discuss the gameplay.

Have fun.

fantus 4 days ago
@Skynomad thaks for the follow up. I have also added. I absolutely love this deck!

PS: I don't have "The Night Mother" and "Cast into time" so i have replaced them with on Odahviing and two extra taunts from "Piercing Twilight" ... Suggestions or alternatives ?

PS#2: What do you think about adding Mannimarco ?
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Oda is a good replacement. i would add the last piercing javelin too to replace one cast into time, and Mannimarco is for sure fiting well in the deck, give it a try :D
Alyx 3 days ago
Any possible replace for the night mother?
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Nothing will do the same job but the card is definitely not something you cant change. So another piercing javelin, blood magic lord, dawns warth, or you can even add daggerfall mage.
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