Wounded Dragon Archer

By: Spooky
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Posted: 1 week ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 16350crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I created this deck after getting two dragon dailies and it gave me an excuse to try out Flamespear Dragon in a deck that fits the ping ability. Most matches will be won by overtaking the board using wound tricks and dragons with beefy stats. The backup win condition is the Mulaamnir OTK which won about two out of every ten matches so far in testing on the ladder.

Wound Creators
Rapid Shot, Tiny Dragon, Earthbone Spinner, Flamespear Dragon, Murkwater Curses, Shearpoint Dragon, Sai Sahan, Wildfire Dragon
- Board trades and Baandari from hand can also be used if needed.
- Wounding can also setup a big Wildfire Dragon or Mulaamnir play

Wound Synergy
Removal: Finish Off, Leaflurker
Big Guard: Green Pact Stalker

Draw: every deck needs a way to find answers & consistency
Bonus Baandari, Rapid Shot, Sly Marshblade in the second half, Thieves Guild Recruit, Blades Lookout+Dragons
- Don't forget that Reflective Automaton counts as a dragon for triggering the lookouts, so you could have a turn 5 Lookout +Reflective that draws 1 or heals 4.

4 Prophecy Guards in Fighter Guild Recruit +1 Protector
- I originally had 3 Protectors which are great for anti-aggro, but I needed slots for the Reflective Automatons which give more value with Lookout combos. Reflectives can still be played on turn 2 to fight with their early minions.

OTK = Berserker of the Pale +Mulaamnir
The Berserker turns Mulaamnir into a 10 attack breakthrough that will battle enemies repeatedly until he can't live post battle, so you want to fight a bunch of small to mid threats. You can either set this up with a turn 8 Berserker into a turn 9 Mulaamnir or if the game goes long, a turn 12 Berserker+Mulaamnir. This is the plan B for the deck if normal board fighting isn't working out.

Example Curves:
Turn 3: Lookout
T4: Flamespear Dragon (trigger lookout)
T5: Blood Dragon (trigger lookout)
T6: Shearpoint Dragon (trigger lookout)

If your opponent is pushing bigger board threats
T4: Murkwater Scourge (+1 Curse to hand)
T5: Curse their big guy +Leaflurker destroy it

Try to play lookouts so you get a dragon trigger either on the same turn or the next turn when possible. In the second half of the game, using Rapid Shot to setup a wound on their big minion is good since you might draw a Leaflurker or Finish Off with it. Wildfire Dragon is the red version of Sai Sahan that sometimes can get big enough to setup a winning board.

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