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By: CasperMilque
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Posted: 4 months ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 8250crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
Legend "Budget" deck built around using items situationally and closing the game early. This text and deck has been updated from my previous deck so excuse anything that carries over that is irrelevant in this build. While this is no longer a budget deck in my opinion it's still relatively affordable in terms of uniques all things considered.

- Make playing Master Swordsmith to shadow or Arcane Enchanter a priority early on, definitely mulligan to grab this and to clear your first hand of non-mobilize items, big drops, prophecies, etc. If you can keep him in play for one round it will tip things your way drastically, two rounds it's pretty hard to lose if you keep pulling items, and if have him up for three then it's usually lights out by ten, if not way earlier.

- Early game: The original build was an aggro-deck but this build has been evened out for late game, so you would no longer be throwing Nord Firebrand or anything with charge at the first opportunity. Hold off a bit until you can get the cards mentioned above out or use Imp, Wayfarer, or other small combos to strike early (this can can close a game in a few rounds if you can keep buffing Wayfarer early with small item drops or Rapid Shot).

Pull Bone Bow with Crucible Blacksmith when possible for getting rid of big threats early. If you have one Bone Bow in-hand then feel free to use Crucible Blacksmith to pull other cards to deal with things situationally (like using Breakthrough or Ward to keep board control, placing a guard on a creature, etc) and mitigate damage while going for the face. Ignore small stuff unless it can snowball and keep big removals around as long as possible as small hitters are just hopefully feeding you the cards to kill them later if they decide to go all in.

- Aggression with just a focus on buffing creatures with items can close a match early if they don't keep board control or mitigate whatever damage you are doing to face. That said make taking out or silencing creatures with drain a priority.

- This build has addressed a lot of the draw problems I had with the original build, that said it can still stall out if your opponent isn't feeding you cards so keep tempo in mind. It has made piloting this deck a little more complex but ultimately a little more fun to play.

- The re-build focused mainly on getting the deck going late game and it has improved drastically with the inclusion of Merric, Syl, etc. Loading up a lane for a few rounds and dropping Merric along with a few other creatures with charge can drop a ton of damage or control their board if the combo lands. Master of Arms can pull items back if you want shackle, silence, or guard; note that both of these cards are huge targets usually the following round. People tend to see that Merric is a unique and remove or silence him so keep that in mind, also you can re-summon him as well for another buff.

- The re-summon mechanic was something added to complete a quest but I may keep it in as it has been useful situationally, more so if I do any tinkering with it that's likely where I'll try to exploit things as I can already do that on some of the other key cards if they are silenced or if I want to re-summon to pump again. So any inclusions along that line I'm interesting in feedback on or if it's just not a good idea here.

So second go at this deck and while it's improved it's also not quite climbing like that last one so I'm still looking to improve it if possible. Any thoughts are always welcome.

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