Flames of Aldmeri

By: Synovia
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Posted: 1 week ago
Up to date (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 14350crystal
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This deck has been very good to me. It got me to legend last season and it got me a 19-9 records in the latest gauntlet. It could have been a lot higher but drew VERY poorly in my first run and only got 5 wins.

Play it like a face aggro deck. Trades should only ever be made if they can assure you additional future damage or if you need to prevent lethal. Dominion Battlereave can be used a little more liberally for trades as it pings face on slay.

The trick to this deck is a balancing act between two things:

1. Face damage
2. Self-healing

Why are these two involved in a balancing act? Because with this deck it's very easy to "burn" yourself out and be left with 1-2 cards in your hand each turn and be in top deck mode even though it has a fairly significant amount of card draw via Shadow Shift, Spoils of War, Thieves Guild Recruit, Ice Bolt and more. Generally, I purposely let my opponent break anywhere between 1-3 runes depending on what my hand looks like. This has to be balanced against face damage to your opponent though. If you let your opponent hit you too much you may not be able to catch back up.

Another tip with this is that I try and hold my "over-the-top" face damage cards like Thievery, Lightning Bolt, Blood Pact and Ice Bolt in my hand as long as possible. This deck can amass a TON of OTK potential.

Lastly, the deck is somewhat flexible with what you can include. Brynjolf was a recent include as it's additional drain was nice but the potential to gain a ton of extra magicka each turn. You could swap in some Cliff Racers in place of place of Giant Bats if you wanted a little more punch at the expense of some drain. I did, for a bit, also run a more prophecy-heavy variation of this that included 3x Golden Initiate and 3x Shrieking Harpy. However, I didn't stay long on this as this deck already wrecks other aggro decks.

    * Against aggro, you have probably a 75%+ chance to win. This deck is an aggro destroyer due to it being just as fast as any other aggro deck (if you draw decently) but having a metric ton of drain.
    * Against mid-range, it depends. Decks like mid Dagoth can pose a problem as they typically run a sizable amount of drain themselves and you won't be able to close the game out. Against the standard Alfiq Conjuror mid-range that's been plagueing the meta for a while now, you probably have a 70%+ chance to win as that deck lacks a lot of drain.
    * Against control, again, it depends. There's a Guildsworn deck running around the meta right now that is literally nothing but prophecies, drain and removal. You have almost a 0% chance against this. If it's a standard Control Tribunal, I'd say it's 50/50 based on who draws better. Any other control matchups are in your favor.

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