[Gauntlet #37] Singleton Skeleton Sorcerer

By: Daghter
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Posted: 4 weeks ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 22400crystal
Missing Soul Gems: Add your collection to see the soul gems you are missing.
I've been playing a singleton skeleton deck lately, so I was really happy when I found out we were having a Singleton Gauntlet this week. I built a slightly modified version of the deck I played on the ladder. Sadly, I didn't get to the 27 wins I was hoping for, but that was entirely my fault. I had a few games were I made very bad decisions, missed lethal and a few other misplays that costed me the victory. I feel like this deck can win easily against most of the decks I found in the competition, especially against most aggressive ones. I had a few troubles facing Telvanni or Mage, but again, I made bad decisions facing them.
Hope to help some of you who still have rounds to go. Enjoy!


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If I could double thumbs this I would. Piloting is tricky against certain match-ups, but solid deck. Nice Job!
Ju de Coco 4 weeks ago
Hey thank you for your deck. I adopted a similar one for I did not have all the cards : only 14 victories (50%) and I found more and more decks like this one coming upon the late hours of the gauntlet so it was pretty much the way to play that would make the difference.

Of course, I did many mistakes as well for I was not acostumed at all to play it.

I thing Ice Storm is really a big card to counter aggro deck, in case you don't have a good starting hand.

It has been very fun to play, despite of my score, but not too bad regarding the other decks, of course with your score I can only consider not to have well played it, a video or some explanations would have been top but I don't regret Thx :-) ^^
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