Aggro Hlaalu

By: ChoateGaming
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Posted: 3 weeks ago
Updated: 3 weeks ago
Outdated (Elsweyr patch)
Crafting Cost: 15250crystal
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I created this deck around a week ago with the assumption that Aggro Hlaalu is likely way underrepresented for how good is right now; with many players opting for decks like Aggro Assassin still. With the Alfiq meta dying down, I think we can definitely take a more board-based deck like this and see success with it. During two coaching sessions with PsychBurger, we ended up going 18-0 with this deck before succumbing to two tough Guildsworn losses in a row before getting redemption and winning the next one. Final record was around 20-2.

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golagros 3 weeks ago
Love this deck except for strategist. Seems too niche and combo-y. If your holding him for firebrands isn’t that making the deck weaker?
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ChoateGaming 3 weeks ago
Hey thanks for the question. A lot of people disagree with me on Strategist which I totally understand. Here's my opinion on him.

He has a few good targets in the deck. Firebrand is your ace, especially off of a Raiding Party, since you might have an extra Firebrand in your hand and that will guarantee 3 buffed Firebrands in your deck, at which point the chance of drawing one is pretty high. But the card doesn't need to hit a Firebrand to get insane value out of it - even going on a Candlehearth Brawler or Cliff Racer can set up the possibility for huge value later on. You also have the possibility of consuming a creature which you already have in your hand - let's say a Withered Hand Cultist. Suddenly, you have a 5/6 WHC ready to go for only 3 magicka.

To sum up targets, if it hits a creature that you already have in your hand, a Firebrand, or something that you draw in a few turns, it is one of the best 4-drops in the game hands down. If you are able to play multiple buffed Firebrands off this card, very few cards come close to generating that kind of value.

Now, the drawbacks. Let's compare it to other similarly statted creatures; Hive Defender and Varen, for example. In some matchups, Varen is a straight up dead card such as when your opponent is on Control and will never break a rune anyways, or you just got off to a much better start than your opponent and they have no choice but to play the role of defender. Varen has 1 more health but I would argue that is negligible in many cases. Hive Defender, no doubt one of the best cards in the game, isn't always guaranteeing value. If both Hive Defender and Shrewd Strategist eat an Edict of Azura or Viper the turn after being played, the Shrewd Strategist wins that by a mile. In other cases, the guard on Hive Defender can be negligible or even detrimental and I prefer the more aggressive statline of the Shrewd Strategist.

So, in summary... The 4/5 statline along with the presence of Nord Firebrands and Raiding Party are why this card is viable here and not in other decks. The additional possibility of targeting any copy of a creature that you possibility already have in your hand is just the icing on top. It's a great card on curve because the earlier you get it out or the longer the game goes on, the more chance of value you're going to get out of it. To me, it's one of the best designed cards of MoE and I really think it is not being recognized as much as it should - but then again, not many people play Aggro Red/Yellow, and it's easy to drop the Raiding Party for other good 3-drops in these decks.

PS. I would never hold him for Firebrands - sometimes you even play him out on curve even if you haven't had a creature die yet. Not ideal, but you do what you gotta do.
Azelios 2 weeks ago
Nice list with some innovations too. I can see people hold their removal/silencers for a Gambler which never comes 😁
Regarding Shrewd Strategist, I totally share your appreciation.
Jeremy Mesian... 1 week ago
How on EARTH do you play this and win in the current meta? I've been playing Hlaalu aggro for a while, so I know the basics.

But this just gets creamed by everybody. You either try to establish an early board and lead, and blow all your cards, then get stabilized and killed - or you try to play the midgame and get crushed because your midgame is weaker than all other decks.

EDIT: I just went 1-5 with this deck at Rank 3. There's no way this is viable right now at a higher rank. It just doesn't work. There's not enough cycle, the bodies this deck cranks out aren't competitive to stick on the board, it can't hard remove any early big threats, or remove a big board.

For context - about three months ago I reached legend with a deck very close to this one. I wish this would work, but it just doesn't.
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ChoateGaming 1 week ago
Tokens are a very difficult deck to pilot; of them, Aggro Hlaalu is one of the hardest. The floor is high, but so is the ceiling. Adding in natural Firebrands, Raiding Party, and Shrewd Strategist only makes the deck even harder. I helped Psychburger reach legend last month with this in a 20-2 record, sharing it after I achieved a high win rate myself.

Aggro Hlaalu has been a tier 1/2 staple token deck ever since the release of Houses of Morrowind - and I very much believe it is still so. There have been times when the deck has been stronger, but it's still quite strong. This version in particular is just my personal take on the deck as I really like the Firebrand / Strategist combo. Without that though, this is just your average Hlaalu - you can build it any number of ways, like making it more standard/vanilla, adding in Old Salty, etc.

If you want, feel free to add me in-game (Eucaron) and you can spectate whenever and I'll play this deck (in legend) so that you can see how it is done. I'd also recommend checking out Psychburger's Twitch channel listed in the description and checking out some of the hours long coaching sessions we did on this deck - it may help.
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